English Essay on “Students & Social Service” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Students & Social Service

 There art: certain fields in which students can perform social services. besides their education. One type of social service can be spread of literacy among illiterate persons. The students can teach them reading, writing and simple arithmetic. The students, during their summer vacations can go to nearby villages and do some work for the villagers. They can be guided in many spheres. To go to hospitals and help the patients is another form of social service, The patients can be given old magazines and books to read. Students can help the police in regulating the traffic during peak hours. They can also take part in road-safety movement. During floods and other natural calamities, students can organize relief camps. There are many other channels in which the students can render social service.

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