English Essay on “Students & Social Service” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Students and Social Service

1st Essay

Service to humanity is a virtue. It is necessary from the humanitarian point of view to help the people with whom we live. Most of our countrymen are not only poor but illiterate also. But they are the backbones of our society. The future of our country depends on the well-being of such people, both physical and mental.

A welfare state can never ignore these people. It has made plans and spent money on its improvement. But the problem is so big that it cannot be solved without the active cooperation of the members of the public. In this respect, the most active co-operation should come from students because they are more or less free and have enough time to devote themselves to the service of mankind,

Students are the future citizens of a country. They are active and generous. They have much time to spare. They should form a squad in their locality and help the illiterate. They may open night schools and teach them to read and write. They may sometimes go to slums and help the poor dwellers to clean the same; they may also teach them the virtue of cleanliness and arrange to supply milk and bread to the children. They should try to fight corruption in every respect. In times of flood, famine, earthquake, or epidemic, students have ample scope for rendering yeoman’s service. They can organize relief, fight epidemics and conquer the evil effects of floods. They can rescue the distressed, feed the hungry, nurse the sick and clothe the naked. In a word, when the nation calls them they must close their books and stand by their distressed countrymen and relieve their sufferings.

Social service has a great educative value. To do good to others is one of the noblest instincts in man. It makes him feel that he is one of the makers of the country. It brings students into direct contact with life and its problem. Social service helps him to gain experience, strength, and self-confidence. It is a happy sign that training of students in social service forms a part of our education today.

Students & Social Service

2nd Essay

There art: certain fields in which students can perform social services. besides their education. One type of social service can be the spread of literacy among illiterate persons. The students can teach them reading, writing, and simple arithmetic. The students, during their summer vacations, can go to nearby villages and do some work for the villagers. They can be guided in many spheres. To go to hospitals and help the patients is another form of social service, The patients can be given old magazines and books to read. Students can help the police in regulating the traffic during peak hours. They can also take part in road-safety movements. During floods and other natural calamities, students can organize relief camps. There are many other channels in which the students can render social service.

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