English Essay on “Still Waters Run Deep” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Still Waters Run Deep


Being an extrovert, I have always been drawn to people who are like me; vocal and filled with a zest for life. I have always thought of shy, quiet people as boring and dull. However, my perception changed the day I made friends with Saakshi. She was the quiet new girl in my class. Saakshi never offered an opinion or raised her hand to answer a question and seldom spoke to her classmates. Most of the students laughed at her and avoided her.

With no other seat vacant, I was compelled to sit next to her in class. Soon, I started realizing that Saakshi had a neater handwriting than mine and finished her work before most of us did. Time and again, I would see her take out a small yellow diary and fill up pages in it. I was intrigued but never bothered to ask her about the diary.

Our school’s Annual Day marked the beginning of my friendship with Saakshi. I could barely hide my disbelief as Saakshi walked onto the stage and read out a riveting soliloquy from her yellow diary. At that moment I realized that still waters run deep and felt ashamed for having ridiculed her for being quiet and shy. I apologized to Saakshi and from that day onwards, I vowed never to judge people by their outward appearances. I am proud that Saakshi is my best friend till today.

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