English Essay on “Role of Computers in Modern Society” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Role of Computers in Modern Society

Computer was a mechanical calculating machine called the analytical engine invented by Charles Babbage in 1835. From huge room size computers, to present day lap-top and palm size computer the journey has been long. Computer & developments in its technology towards 1900s transformed people’s lives. It has influenced every aspect of life and indeed become an integral part of modern society that it is hard to imagine how humans once worked without them.

Computer cannot think like humans but they can use the information put into them. The most important function computers can do is to process the information fed into them more quickly and accurately than a human being. Computers with advanced technology perform various tasks and it has a wide range of uses. They have become a common tool or equipment in accounting and billing in shops, malls, showrooms and supermarkets. This has made the work easy and effective making the customers happy. All big public concerns and government establishments use them in their office work. Railways use it effectively in reservations and Airways uses it in air traffic controlling. Computerization of these fields has brought lot of credibility to work. It’s a great tool for writers, designers and animators. Word- processing applications has enabled people to write letters or documents with the facility of checking spelling and grammar. All of our news reporters and news stations use this. Desk top publication, a computer application is used in publishing of books and magazines. Art work can be created using computer technology, called computers graphics. Computer graphics and animation is widely used in feature films, increasing their visual appeal. Computer games are the second biggest use of computer after word processing. Many interactive games are available- of educative and entertainment value, which has become a source popular past time for children.

Computer and related technology is greatly used in communication and education. Different types of communication such as text, picture moving pictures and sounds are brought together to have what we know as multimedia. It is used for teaching, passing public information, advertising, interactive learning (using CD-ROMS) and in internet which has created a sort of revolution in access to information. Using electronic mail we can send message through computer to any corner of the world in matter of minutes. Today over 50 million people around the world own a personal computer. Others access through the cyber cafes.

Computer technology is used in some of the electronic goods which we use at home like, telephones, microwave ovens, camera and washing machines. Even a digital watch contains computer technology. It’s also used in medical equipments and banking through ATMs (automated teller machines). People can even access their bank accounts on the internet to transfer money between accounts to pay bills after shopping or booking air tickets, using credits cards (also called electronic money).

Today, many machines in our industries are controlled by computer to perform a set of task whenever it is required. It also plays a great role in space science and development of robots too.

Computers in a way have revolutionized our lives, making it easier, faster, comfortable and convenient. Also, making us too dependent on computer technology from home to office to space.

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