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Drug Abuse

Essay No. 01

Drug abuse is the greatest problem of today and things are getting worse day by day. The problem concerns not only the delinquent youth but the entire population in the west, including the top executive personnel, earning millions of dollars a year in the multinationals. In fact, drug abuse has become symptomatic of our technological civilization and the affluent technocrats are themselves the greatest victims.

There are two types of drugs, synthetic drugs, and narcotics. The sale of narcotics is prohibited by the government, except for medical purposes. These are most turbulent, which no doubt give momentary enjoyment but eat away slowly the most delicate parts of one’s body. This has become an international menace and requires to be dealt with on a war footing. The drugs are usually smuggled into India through the border areas from Pakistan and Nepal.

Drug abuse is widespread among the youth who are the edifices of the nation’s future pillars. It takes a deep root in spoiling the atmosphere of a growing population, affecting the discipline of the developing society and nation’s progress. To root out this abuse, not only the drug peddlers but also the main racketeers must be punished. These racketeers at first distribute the drugs to the teenagers free of cost or through cheap media like ice cream on roadside stalls. As soon as the individual becomes addict to these drugs, he cannot, live without them and he becomes ready to do anything if he doesn’t get them. At this stage, the drugs are sold to him at the highest rates.

To eradicate this menace, Anti Narcotic Squad (ANS) and International Drugs Enforcement Agency (IDEA) have been formed, but the agencies do not seem to be effective as more and more youth are lured towards it. The reason is that the police and other agencies that responded to control the evil are corrupted by the racketeers and even the top officials and politicians become the patrons of the trade instead of controlling it.

Some of the narcotic drugs, which need special mention, are LSD, Ganja, Brown Sugar Crude Molasses, Cocaine, etc. The most common drug is CRACK which can be very easily prepared. With every puff of smack, one inhales a deadly combination of poisonous chemicals like carbon monoxide, nicotine, hydrogen oxide, arsenic, tar, etc. then an addict takes in the drugs through hypodermic needles or through nostrils, it causes hardening of arteries, heart attack, high blood pressure, and cancer. Obviously, a combination of various diseases springs up, resulting in acute paralysis and finally leads to death.

Most of those who start taking drugs are socially maladjusted persons. Some of them are unemployed and frustrated while others have some other social or family problem. The government is duty-bound to look through the various pros and cons of the problem. Strict measures to stop the sale of drugs in open as well as the secret markets should be taken. Guidance and counseling centers should be opened in all universities and institutional complexes to give advice and guidance to the youth. The advertising media has to be very effectively used to counter the spread of the menace by educating people about the harmful effects of drugs. Expert medical aid should be made readily available to wean the addicts away from this malady. Moral Education should be started as a subject. Phonographic literature should be banned. Hippies and foreign visitors who encourage the use of drugs and smuggle them into the country should be put behind bars.

These steps can help a long way to stop the trend. The disease is still in its infancy in India. It will be proper to nip the evil in the bud before it is too late.


Essay No. 02

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse has become a very openly rampant curse from the last few decades, and the curse defies any solution up to date. Young boys and girls take to these due to some frustrations of life, and, they just cannot come out of it, once they get deeply involved.

A number of welfare organizations are doing good yeomen work in this area and trying earnestly to eradicate the menace. However, if we remember the adage, ‘prevention is better than cure, we must realize that, unless we unroot the cause that results in the abuse, little can be really achieved in this regard. It would be more effective if we try to hit a blow at the root of it and try to uproot the plant! that has, by now fully grown.

Let us thus analyze the obvious causes of this so-called frustration among the young. The causes are generally not for to seek. The totally changed environment is the basic cause of this so-called frustration. The environment: of the home is no more of a haven far from the maddening crowd outside.

The home instead of the earlier haven has become as if a simple night halt for all residents, big and small. Each individual in the family is busy with the building up of his/her career and the atmosphere of love and care. that was at one time typical of a home is now completely missing. In this lonely stressed-up youth gets to the simple vice of drugs simply to ward off this acute sense of loneliness. Once, just once I this drug has to be tested and the individual becomes an addict forthwith. With the first taste, there is no returning to sanity.

This drug abuse has gone so very deep into our society that every home is seething with the pain of a drug addict. The effects of drug abuse are also not far to seek, and many other vices come and join the individual with this basic need. When money becomes scarce, the addict has to – just has to steal the amount to fulfill his body’s demand. If he cannot steal any money, he will misappropriate any money given to him for some work.

All this he does not because he wants to steal, but because he has to administer a dose without which he will remain restless, and will experience an unaccountable pain. Thus, in this way, the drug addict gets into another vice, and that is of stealing money m This is because a regular inflow of money has become absolutely necessary for him to keep alive. This, in turn, leads to further complications in the family and so finally the addict reaches a HOME meant for addicts, far away from his natural home, and, sooner or later dies in the prime of his youth.

This drug abuse by the young is nurtured by the selfish unthinking adults, who bring in drugs to the country and then sell them at outlets easily approachable to the youth. These are sold at outlets where children go in large numbers, in front of schools, in front of colleges, in university premises, and many other places. These: places are easily accessible to the young and the business of the adults” flourishes at the cost of the young lives. It is a very sad state of our society when adults themselves serve poison to their young.

These adults of today have become so engrossed in money-spinning devices that, no matter what happens, they are out to make money. They could not care less about the impact their flourishing business may have on the younger generation. It is so sad to see that elders are these days initiating the young into vices of all kinds. It is the unscrupulous adults who are responsible for the destruction of the destinies of the young and in turn killing our budding generation.

Thus, this brain drain is and will continue unless we put a stopper by providing them with mere working facilities at home and give them more than the other ordinary brains in terms of pecuniary benefits. As long as we can’t do this for them or don’t do this for them the brain drain cannot be stopped and the best of Indians will continue to find homes abroad. While they continue to go out we, the Indians will have to continue being happy with the fact that they have at least become a force to reckon with, and they get a lot of name and fame.

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