English Essay on “My Most Favourite Book” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

My Most Favourite Book

A man is known as much by the books he reads as by the company he keeps. Rather we can say that man is known better by his choice of books, than the company he keeps.

Books influence our minds steadily but surely and leave a lasting effect on us. It moulds our way of thinking and bring about a radical change in our way of life. It is therefore, highly important that we choose books after careful thinking and, if possible, with the guidance of teachers.

A few days back our teacher taught us the lesson ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ at School. He told us that it was an extract from Mahatma Gandhi’s book ‘My Experiments with Truth.’ I took a fancy for Mahatma Gandhi’s simple but effective manner of writing. Our teacher of English was also full of praise of Gandhiji’s writings.

That day I decided to buy the book. Now that book is in my library. I have read the book with great interest and eagerness.

Mahatma Gandhi writes with great understanding and sincerity. Nowhere in his book does he try to glorify himself. He is true to himself and just to others. He is liberal and full of feelings when he praises others. He does not grudge another man’s greatness.

But what I like most about Gandhiji after reading this book is his power of judgement, his ability to know his own failures and to accept them. He was a true learner. He was not like other common people who blame others for everything. He nowhere tries to find faults with others to conceal his own. He knew the value of correcting one’s own faults. This was the secret of empowering personality. He was as just to others as to himself. It was this quality in him which helped him to become completely selfless in his life. And this trait in him I like the most.

Thus the book I like most is Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘My Experiments with Truth.’ This book not only makes good reading but also gives a new direction to the reader’s personality. It has been a true companion, teacher, friend and guide to me.

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