English Essay on “Travel And Tourism – Tarkarli” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Travel And Tourism – Tarkarli

Goa has, for long, been synonymous with beaches in India. Think of Indian beaches and one thinks of the beaches of Goa. However, unknown to most travellers, the idyllic beaches dotting the coast of the western state of Maharashtra are a perfect getaway for sea lovers.

Of the many beaches found along this coast, Tarkarli is the least explored and yet, perhaps the most beautiful. In all probability, its proximity to Goa hinders its growth as a popular destination tourist destination, a fact that actually works in its favour.

Tarkarli is a long and narrow stretch of silvery white sand and pristine blue water situated just Rats south of Malvan.

The state run MTDC resort is an ideal place to stay solely on the merit of its location on the beach. Konkani huts or cottages styled like native village huts give the place a village like charm. It is impossible to resist the hammocks strewn across the property; the perfect place to relax and read or simply enjoy the sea breeze and soak in the beautiful vista.

Sindhudurg, one of Maharashtra’s important sea forts, and Padmagarh fort are the places of tourist interest nearby.

Tarkarli, with its clean beach and clear inviting waters, is the ideal destination if you are looking fora holiday away from the crowds. You might even be excused for not venturing out to sec any of the famous tourist sights!

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