English Essay on My Favourite Author, English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

My Favourite Author

My favourite author is Louisa May Alcott. She is best known for the cheeriness and warmth she brings into her novels and stories. Her most famous books are Little Women and its three sequels: Good Wives, Little Men and Jo’s Boys. There is a wholesomeness in the lives of the girls and boys she writes about that I have not found in any other author.

Little Women is largely autobiographical in nature and portrays the lives of four sisters struggling with poverty in the days of the American Civil War. It deals with their simple pleasures and joys, their little sorrows and tragedies. The characters are so real that we see ourselves in them. There is at least one aspect of their life, if not more, with which we identify ourselves.

I feel the same way about another novel of here’s. An Old Fashioned Girl. It is beautifully written in a simple, clear style and tells the story of a country girl who comes to visit her rich friends in the city. The adjustments which everyone has to make and the solutions which they discover, as also the situations they find themselves, in are so common place that they could occur anywhere and at any age to anyone.

I like Louisa May Alcott for she understands the minds of young people. She teaches us how to live without seeming to preach. We learn about common virtues like kindness, goodness, cheerfulness, patience and generosity from her books. I have read them many times over and I am sure they will continue to be my favourites even when I grow up.

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