English Essay on “Modern Civilization- is it A Failure?” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Modern Civilization- is it A Failure?

Modern civilization with its scientific advancements, technological competence and a comfortable life style has made us proud. The long strides taken, big dreams achieved and future being planned, the modern civilization has come a long way. The changes have been dramatic. In terms of physical changes, things have changed right from agriculture to space missions. The development of modern civilization in various stages aimed at better and comfortable life has given us many choices and options. What men did with their strength earlier is done with artificial intelligence on touch of a button.

In the race to modernize our land space on this earth, many dangers or risks were overlooked and underestimated. Modem civilization has overcome many problems of various nature, making inventions which are life changing. The positive impact of all that made man unconquerable (at least it seemed). But, the negative impact has begun to pop its head in many ways-physical changes in environment and some unwelcome social changes or happenings in our society.

In spite of our civilized ways, sophistication or refined ways, modem civilization has its flaws. Though not a total failure, it is facing the wrath of nature because of the thoughtless ways adopted by modem man. New environmental problems are a big challenge to man at present. In spite of the education and social progress. we still daily hear about uncivilized behavior and shameful acts which force us to think that the more modem we are the more inhuman ways we adopt. In the name of religion. in the name of wars for selfish reasons, in the name of family honors or pride and in the name of fate, the modern so called ‘civilized’ man commit cruel acts. Modem civilizations however modern seem to have lost a sense of control and crossed limits.

Every civilization had contributed immensely to mankind. Modern civilization too, but the harmony of relation between man and environment has been disturbed. Social bonding between people has been threatened by interesting gizmos or distractions, and even conflicts. We are sometimes strangers among our own people. Most men and women work like machines, oblivious of the need to maintain social relationships.

The dissatisfaction with ways of modem civilization is evident from that fact that more and more people are turning to nature, yoga. spirituality and voluntary service to the needy.

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