Essay on “The Wonders of Electricity” for School Students, English Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Wonders of Electricity

Electricity as it is commonly known is the most convenient and versatile form of energy. Scientific inventions have made this world worth-living. They have provided us with various means for making our life and working fast, comfortable and luxurious. The invention of electricity is one of the greatest of its wonders. Indeed, we cannot even dream of living in the absence of electricity in modern age. It is used in every walk of life. Our living and working system has become modernised. We are depending on machines, appliances and scientific mechanism which are being operated with electricity.

Electricity plays a key role in the industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors. All the functions have been mechanised and modernised in Indian industries. The productivity is depending on the functioning of machines in the industries. The system has been computerised in almost all reputed industries. The qualitative and quantitative control is being exercised through a mechanical system. The entire system is working with the help of electricity. The agricultural sector is also being modernised and its working is being computerised for assessing and controlling its function smoothly. There is a big change in the system of foreign as well as domestic trades in India. Ours is a big domestic market. India is going to capture a big world market very soon. India is progressing and emerging as a major player in global trade and commerce. It has a big target of export in global trade and commerce. It has a big target of export particularly out of agriculture, manufacturing sectors, auto components, pharma, gem and jewelry. India is on the way of achieving exports of 180 billion during the year 2007-08. India is creating required infrastructure with modernised machines and system for getting its record target of 24% annual growth in foreign trade. The requirement of power has been crucial and increasing tremendously for manufacturing the huge quantity of goods that too of a competitive brand for giving more tenability in overseas markets in the wake of exposure to external competition.

The power requirements for our domestic needs and also for expansion of industries are growing faster. India needs to generate more electricity by installing more Hydro-electric power stations, thermal power plants and nuclear power plants for meeting the growing requirement within the country.

Indeed, electricity serves as a faithful servant in daily life everywhere. All the systems at home, in the offices, and even outside, are working with electricity. Electric metro rail service which has already been completed in Delhi is likely to be completed in other cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. It is the wonder of electricity. The local trains, which are running in the cities like Mumbai and Kolkata, are really playing a significant role for years together. These trains are running with electricity. Besides the high speed, the journey by such trains is always smoke free. Certain trains are running between many big cities with the help of electricity. The journey by trams is also very comfortable and cheaper. People generally prefer journey by trams within the town. The electricity has the multiple utility in our life.

A number of things have been invented with the help of electricity. It has played an important role in the field of information and technology. Electricity has been very useful for invention of cinema, television and computer. All these things are operated with the help of electricity. Rural electrification is a big achievement which has facilitated the people to get the benefits of cinema, television and computer. All these three advantages are very essential for rural areas in view of entertainment, awareness and modernised system of working. Electricity has been most crucial for making the satellite net-work programmes successful. Satellites are very useful for making the system scientific mainly in the fields of education, meteorological services, space research, information and technology. There are a number of sophisticated equipments and machines which have been created with the help of electricity. All these kind of equipments and machines, which are based on electronic system, are running with the help of power.

Electricity has played a tremendous role for making the medical science more advanced, modernised and life-saving. The new machines and technology have made it more humanist. It is the wonder of medical science which has increased the average span of life of human being. If we talk about normal treatment, certain diseases are still being cured by giving electric heat. All the instruments and machines of medical use, are operated by it. The machines for X-Ray, MRI and ultrasound are operated by electricity. These are facilitating the doctors for studying about the internal parts of the body in respect of patients.

There are a number of common machines which are being operated by electricity like Xerox, printing-press, fax, cyclostyling, and so on. All these have literally made our job easy and increased the speed of working particularly in the offices.

The supply of electricity is not sufficient. When its utility is unending in our daily life and also for industrial growth, we should take a concrete step in generating more electricity by exploiting the natural resources. The hilly part of the country comprises ample natural resources which are very useful for generating electricity. Himachal Pradesh has already done much in this direction. The newly formed state of Uttaranchal is on its move for creating number of power generating plants anticipating great energy to meet the requirement and make it a big source of income for its growing economy. The hilly -states of North-East are lagging behind in this direction despite having sufficient natural resources available with them for generating electricity. Governments at both Central and States levels have to chalk out programmers to set power generation plants in these areas where ample electricity can be generated at low cost.

There is a shortage of power in our country. People are not getting required electricity for domestic use. The State Governments are facing constant pressure due to shortage of electricity. What people are demanding being avoidance of cutting in electric supply, because their survival and business are suffering. The industries are suffering mainly in the North part of the Country. Many of them have failed in the absence of electricity. It has great importance for running the industries. Every industrialist would like to see his machines work by getting required electricity. The failure of power will affect adversely in the production and that will disappoint him.

India is a fast growing country. We talk about modernisation, industrialization and rural electrification. It can be possible only if we increase electricity availability in near future. There is no escape from generating more electricity and that is what Central and States Governments will have to focus on as the development and the economic progress impulse in our objective. That can be possible only when we would have the sufficient power in hand.

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