English Essay on “Magic- A Mind Game” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Magic- A Mind Game

Magic or illusion is mesmerizing, mystical and unbelievable. It has developed into a popular art and show all over the world. In the past most of the culture practiced it.

Magic as an illusion is a performing art that entertains audience by creating illusion of great acts or feats using natural means. It sort of shows us the human ability to control the things of the world-like objects, events, and people.

People who practice magic are called magicians and depending on their performing methods they are also called conjurers, illusionists and escape artist.

‘Magic’ is derived from the Old Persian word,’magi’ and the art gained some credibility in the 18th century. The modern magic owes its origins to Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin of France who opened a magic theatre in Paris in 1840. Many performers followed and Harry Houdini (Enrich Weiss-real name) was highly skilled in stage tricks and escaping. Most of the performers exploited the potential of hidden stage mechanism, assistants and the effect of it over the audience.

People want an element of surprise or wonder. The main purpose of magic is to create wonder and amusement in the audience. It wants people to go home wondering about how the lady escaped from the cage or how could the magician take out a dove from his hat or how could he make a person float? It is believed or understood by people that effects of magic performances are accomplished through sleight of hand (skillful use of hand)., misdirection, deception,apparatus with secret mechanism, mirror and things which tricks the audience. The performer with his skill and supporting system performs; present an effect so quick, so clever and skillful that we cannot believe our eyes. But wonder. So, in a way we agree to be entertained by deception.

There are different kinds of illusions or various effects created. Production —in which something from the thin air is taken or produced. Vanishing-of a coin or an assistant or Taj Mahal. Transformation-where a person or a thing is transformed, like a lady into tiger. Teleportation-something is moved from one place to another, Levitation-in which an object or a person is made to float in the air. Penetration-like, a man walks through the mirror and Prediction of a chosen card by a member, or an event.

All these effects are part of a magic show with stage arrangements. Some of them need great planning and skillful execution. The precise timing is also part of magic show. A magic show appeals to our senses, confuses our mind and leave us in a spell.

Today, magic show has reached greater heights because of the hard work and passion of the magicians and artist. It’s respected a lot and many want to learn it. Through TV shows and live telecast of ‘escape’ events the popularity has increased among a wider audience. It appeals to all ages and remains one of the important performing arts.

In India, Sorer, P C SORCAR (senior) and P C SORCAR (junior) have contributed tremendously to this art. They have raised the standard of performance and taken it to new heights and are given the credit of reviving this art in India.

The science or reasons behind the magic revealed will kill the magic. So, only people who want to learn must know the secrets. Other, like us, let’s enjoy the magic and its power.

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