English Essay on “If I Were The Prime-Minister of My Country” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

If I Were The Prime-Minister of My Country

The Prime-minister has to shoulder all the responsibilities of his nation. A person needs many qualities to be a prime-minister. He should be brilliant, dynamic and sympathetic towards the plight of the poor people. He should love each and every person of his country equally.

If I were the prime-minister of my country, I would first of all change the scenario of the slums. I shall get constructed one room flat for the slum dwellers to improve their standard of living. I shall give priority to the problems of poor people, as they are more needy than others. The wealthy people are enjoying all the luxuries of the world, whereas the poor can’t even afford the necessities of life.

The poor people live under pathetic conditions. They don’t have the means to protect themselves from the heat and neither do they have sufficient warm clothes to protect themselves from the chilled cold of winters. The water is not supplied adequately in poor localities. Every other day, the electricity goes off. As a prime-minister I would give directions to the electricity and water departments to distribute adequate water to the slum dwellers.

As the prime-minister I would pay a visit to each and every village of my country and listen to the problems of the poor people. I shall not only hear their problems, but try to solve as many as I could do with my best ability. I shall send teachers to the villages to teach them about hygiene and cleanliness. I shall open up more schools for the children of the poor people. I shall eradicate all superstitions from the root by imparting right knowledge to the ignorant people. I don’t want that strong should dominate over the weak, therefore I shall open up social welfare organizations, to prevent crime against the woman and children.

I shall also direct the wealthy people to at least take the responsibility of one poor family so that they are able to live in proper conditions. The wealthy people could give them employment, take the responsibility of educating their children and look after the other necessities of life. As a prime-minister I shall not dominate over others, but love them from my heart, soul and mind. I shall live a virtuous life and die a noble death. I shall become a good human being before becoming the prime-minister of India.

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