Essay on “Noise Pollution” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Noise Pollution

It is paradoxical that the man who needs the environment most is destroying its sanctity and purity. Modern development is heading towards pollution of various kinds. Noise pollution is one of them. Exposure to a powerful sound can harm mans in many ways. He can lose his hearing, sleep and even balance of mind. Measured in decibels, sound does not become intrusive ‘noise’ till about 55 dB. And 120 dB is the, Maximum sound a human, being can stand momentarily 120 dB is the threshold of pain for hearing. This noise can be’ encountered anywhere and everywhere. Noises of machines, vehicles and honking, loudspeaker, etc. are the main culprits. Noise after a certain limit tells upon our ear drums. Deafness is sure if a man is exposed to continuous noise. He can be, hard of hearing if exposed to mild noises even. In spite-of this danger, day in and day out, ear-splitting devices for making noise and creating the hell for people are being churned out. Is it not equal to committing suicide? Time is ripe to tackle this nonsense and nuisance of noise pollution on war footing. Machines must be fitted with silencers. Use of loudspeakers must be banned. Honkers must be punished. Manufacturing of fancy horns should not be allowed. If no concrete step is taken to .check noise pollution, mankind would be facing neurosis and other psychic disorders. Self-restraint is the best remedy. No laws can curb any irritant if people in general do not have will power to uproot that irritant. Before honking, before using loudspeaker, before leaving our machines without silencers, we must think of the sick the schooling children, the old, etc. Only civic sense can dent this menace of noise pollution effectively.

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