English Essay on “Development of The World” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Development of The World

It is essential to form a government for the world, who could solve the conflicts of the world peacefully and lead the entire world to peace and prosperity. Although United Nations Organization is doing a commendable job by sending relief material to the countries struck by natural disasters, but yet, it ought to do more than that, because there are many problems in the world that could be solved only by brilliant administrators, who possess extraordinary knowledge and intelligence.

The world president and world prime-minister should be elected through votes given by the representatives of all the countries of the world that includes the presidents, prime-ministers and ministers of every country. These people shall give their precious vote to the person, whom they consider eligible for the post of the world president. The world president should be given more financial powers and facilities than the president of the countries. The government of the world shall look after the affairs of every nation and solve all conflicts peacefully.

The government should comprise of the ministers and advisors, who would scrutinize the poor areas of the undeveloped and underdeveloped countries of the world and prompt their respective governments to take care of the poor lot of their country. They would not allow the developed countries to show their superiority over undeveloped countries and gain control over them. The world administrator would have to take an oath before God, that they would render their service selflessly without any discrimination between caste, colour and creed. They would never be partial to their relatives, friends, state or nation and would not compel others to do what they wish to do. They would only do what is right and what is good for the mankind. If the world president is not able to perform properly, and no country gets benefit with his ideas and suggestions, then he ought to be removed from the office through impeachment process.

The world president must look after the affairs of the world with impartiality, only then can the entire world become a heavenly place to live on.

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