Essay on “Concept of Globalisation” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Concept of Globalisation

What exactly Globalisation means for the common simple individual, residing in any part of the world? To an individual’s common perception Globalisation would mean simply live and work locally and think globally.

When we talk of the concept of globalisation we have to clearly understand what it could imply and, how could the concept be translated into action. Should we consider globalisation as producing a single family, or work industries on the global format, or give education on the global spectrum, or make society into one single society, the world society. As far as considering all members of the world as one family, my personal view is that, in these times when the term family only means parents and children can we even wildly think of accepting the whole world as one family-ours? In these days of nuclear families, the very concept of including the world in our family will not be acceptable. I feel that even thinking of this family of the globe to come alive is as good as living in a fool’s paradise.

Regarding trade and industry becoming global, yes, that could be a concept worthy of a thought. This also only if all the countries of the world could get a fair and same playing ground. With countries across the globe being so very different in financial status and knowhow, I still do wonder if we could all get fairness in our deals of trade. The larger and more prosperous countries are sure to make the lesser countries run for their money.

Education is one sphere in which the concept of globalisation may be introduced. Facilities for Higher Education could be and even now, are being given to students of all countries. In order to utilize the pool of abilities round the world, big business houses have agreed to invest in education more liberally. This, in turn can provide an active interaction between academics and businesses. Even vocational education has taken the world by storm. Creating facilities of education will mean a change of educational policies all over the world. This in turn will entail a lot of work, a lot of understanding of the policies of different countries. Then, it can all be amalgated into one single policy, to be followed throughout the globe. It is thus apparently quite a simple desire to think and act globally but, in reality, will it be possible at this juncture of the world’s existence. I do wonder if the countries of the world, big or small would care to lose their individual identity and merge into others forming thus one unit of the globe. This, I dare say will not be a very practical venture as, no one likes to lose identity, and, unless there is a complete merger of all countries global family does not appear to be possible.

In such an event, the flourishing and prosperous countries will find it difficult to share their prosperity with the lesser beings. The lesser countries may also not like to be treated on the income of the rich. Giving and taking loans is different, but, when the rich will merge with the poor, they will not do it for nothing. They will surely ask for their pound of flesh. In this game the lesser countries may get more to eat and drink but, they will sure enough have to do away with their liberties and act as per the dictates of the rich. Will this situation of sharing of riches and sharing of poverty by all, acceptable to all concerned? I wonder and if not, then, where can the family emerge.

Yes, the sharing can be as it is to-day the rich countries helping when the poor countries want help and yet allowing them to breathe freely without any dictates of the rich.

Business contacts and exchanges, and educational exchanges are feasible but the one family concept cannot work to the satisfaction of any.

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