English Essay on “Blood Donation and Role of Students” 350 Words Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Board Exam.

Blood Donation and Role of Students

Blood is essential to every life. It plays an important role in all the major activities of the body. Its primary function is to carry oxygen to all the body cells. It plays a great role in defending the body against infections and removes wastes, distributes vitamins and enzymes to cells, and carries hormones. It is so important that man cannot live without blood. There are occasions when blood has to be supplied to the affected person from outside. This causes the need for blood donation. Blood donation means giving of blood free of cost for a good purpose.

It is learnt that people are divided into four blood groups–A, B, AB, and O. If the blood of group B is transfused to a person having blood group A and vice-versa, there will be a serious reaction leading to death. Group AB persons are known as universal recipients while group O persons are known as universal donors. About 1 pint (i.e. 500 milliliters) of blood is withdrawn from a donor’s arm vein by a hypodermic needle. Blood banks consider blood unsuitable for transfusion if it is retained for more than 21 days. There is always the need for blood. In some diseases like hemophilia, thalassemia, leukemia, and anaemia blood has to be regularly supplied. Blood also is required in cases of severe injury, burns, and hemorrhage. There is always so much demand for blood that blood blanks find it almost impossible to meet the demands of all.

Students can serve as superior donors of blood. They are dreamers and idealists by nature and they are most likely to respond warmly to a noble cause. They do not charge anything for the blood they donate for the poor persons. As donors students are given cards which entitle them to have blood free of cost in times of emergency. If students in large numbers come forward to donate blood, others will be inspired to do the same thing. It is only in this way that the requirement of blood for a large country like India can be solved.

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