English Essay on Beggary — A Curse, English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

Beggary — A Curse

A beggar is really a pitiable sight. With his filthy, matted hair and dirty rags, he presents an extremely sorry spectacle. His whining voice, begging you for money, jars on your ears. If you take pity on him and part with some of your coins, his whole attitude changes and he looks at them speculatively. You immediately begin to wonder whether you should have given him more.

Beggars in our country are a common sight. Many of them are genuinely destitute with no home or means of livelihood, but some of them are frauds. They are too lazy to work and find begging a lucrative business. There are organized gangs in our country which operate in a professional manner—they kidnap children and forcibly initiate them into this horrible method of ‘earning’ money.

Steps should be taken to curb this menace. The law against begging should be strictly enforced, employment should be given to all citizens, education should be made freely available and some form of social security should be introduced to take care of destitutes. Those unfortunate people who are blind, crippled or stricken by leprosy should be cared for by the State and corruption existing in homes for the disabled and abandoned should be checked.

Beggars are a blot on our country. Unless the problem is tackled at the root, and all those who indulge in this shameful business rehabilitated, we cannot call ourselves a civilized and progressive nation.

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