English Essay on “Anger – The Tip of a Match Stick” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Anger – The Tip of a Match Stick

Anger is an expression of displeasure. It is one of the basic emotions shown by animals and human beings. A dog gets angry when it sees another dog in its territory,a cat gets angry when its kitten or food is snatched, a monkey gets angry when another monkey come to their territory, human beings get angry or express anger when they are not happy or sec bad conduct or when things go wrong and so on.

Right from our childhood anger is expressed and since a natural emotion or reaction, it is ignored. But as we grow up. anger is supposed to be controlled. Anger though expressed for various reasons vary from person to person. Anger expressed for right reasons, which is acceptable but when it is expressed for the wrong reasons or with a feeling of revenge then it is has bad consequences and is unacceptable. When a child commits a mistake (like telling a lie or stealing) the anger on part of the parent or teacher though reasonable, if expressed in the right way make sense. But if expressed by causing physical harm then it worsens the situation. It will hurt the child physically and emotionally.

Too much of anger in us can turn into hatred. Many times we see people fighting with each other in a fit of anger. When anger takes over our senses, then we can’t see reason, anger sort of blinds us and we say things we must not say, hurt and above all damage relationships. Anger can break relationships between friends. between relatives, between a man and a woman. Anger is like the tip of matchstick which when ignited can burn down the whole stick. Anger is like that flame which can cause harm to others as well as to oneself. When one is furious, the ability to think takes a back seat and commits irreparable damages. within few minutes. Anger in a person also causes ill health.

The anger in people or the way of expressing it varies. Some get angry at the slightest pretext: they are by nature short-tempered people. Some do not get angry for little things but they are furious when cheated or insulted. And there are some, who even if they are angry, are in such control that they surprise everyone. Angry people who flare up quickly are not happy themselves and they spread unhappiness. People, who get angry rarely, for genuine reasons, give a chance to others to improve.

Whatever may be the reasons anger must not be kept in our mind for long because one day it can cause fire. It needs to be controlled or thrown out by reasoning. If we can’t reason then we are equal to animals. Being a social animal, education and wisdom teaches us- “think before you say and think before you do”. We have to follow these to stay away from trouble and long term damages. Lakshmana’s anger got him into trouble in ‘Ramayana’ and Duryodhana’s anger slowly turned into hatred in Mahabharata.

In present times, anger in the worst form is seen when people turn violent killing fellow mates, partners. love mates and even strangers on roads after an argument.

Displeasure or anger may be expressed lightly through firm words and not by thoughtless actions. Anger must be tamed otherwise it is ‘short of madness’.

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