English Essay on “A Visit to The Wild Life Park” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

A Visit to The Wild Life Park

Wild life is always intriguing to all- the element of danger and of the unknown draws us to it. Animal Planet and the Discovery Channels are seldom missed by any age group. An African Safari would be ideal but seldom within our reach. What can be better then, than a Zoological Park?

The idea of seeing animals has always caught my fancy and it does today, as well. So. I jumped at the idea of visiting the zoo at Hyderabad at the mere mention of it. Come Sunday and we were on our way! It took us more than an hour to reach, the roads near the zoo becoming narrow and a confusing maze. Once in, we began with the monkeys and apes. The variety was amazing! I particularly liked the Chimpanzee and the Sacred Baboon. All of us were waiting to see the big cats. What a treat that was! We first saw the White tigers in full form and then our very own Bengal tiger, which was in a foul mood and roared with anger. We saw the Jaguar and then we took the wrong road so we missed the lions and the leopard, the zebra, hippo and rhino. We were totally lost. We saw deer of many kinds, the proud giraffe, colorful birds, elephants and crocodiles. We were tired by then.

The zoos have improved by leaps and bounds. There is enough area for the animals to move about and hide themselves. The animals were all healthy and a pleasure to see. We just have to go back there again!

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