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Social Service

Man is a social animal. We live in a society, so we need to be sincere to it. We cannot look to our welfare only. Our own welfare is of no value if the people around us are in trouble. Doomed are those who want only themselves to be prosperous and happy, who are jealous of others good. We can be happy only if we grow along with all others. Gone are the days when there was long one Thakur in a village who enjoyed all the luxuries of life and the others around him lived in his servitude. They were born to lick his soles and would die like that. Now the things are changed. No one can exploit the rights of others. So in this changed society we are expected to change our attitude for the good of our fellow citizens, especially the poor and neglected. How many are there around us who need our help? They are depressed and illiterate. They cannot give vent to their feelings. They are poor and sick they cannot make their two ends meet. They have no work If at all they have some, they are paid very low. Nobody is there to hear their woes. They turn to crime because of their poverty. Everyone is there to harass them. How great it is if we are of some help to them. We have to understand their woes. They will not share their woes with us unless we are their benefactors. This is a great soda service. The woes of the handicapped among them are further heightened. Either they are not able to express themselves or they cannot approach the places or people of their interest.

Mother Teresa was one such social worker who took the trouble of these people as her own. She would caress them, weep with them and fight for them. She collected funds worldwide to run many homes for the handicapped and the destitute women. She was like a God for the depressed, diseased and the poor.

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