English Essay on “A Treasure Hunt” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

A Treasure Hunt

Birthday parties are great fun and theme parties, even better. I attended a pirate party once. Boys are more fascinated with pirates than they are with cops! Anyway, the highlight of the party was the treasure hunt. We couldn’t wait to get started!

The boys had a field day with their costumes. Here, the girls did not match up. However, when it came to the games they put up a good fight. First there was “passing the pirate hat”. Those who were eliminated had to “walk the plank”. Next, was the main event. Instructions were given by the Captain. The first coded clue was to be found in a water body. We ran helter-skelter. However, one smart pirate found an old inflated swimming pool and in it was the clue in the form of an old map in a bottle. It took effort to decode and run to the place overlooked by Jolly Roger. The clue was stuck behind the flag. We then went berserk and this carried on till young Rohit, who was in no way involved, walked up with a little chest from inside a tent. He was declared the winner and his loot had chocolates, comics, fun craft kits and other knick knacks, much to his brother’s delight. The clue finders also got a bag of chocolate gold coins.

The party, no doubt was a resounding success and the treats that awaited us after our effort was grand. We returned happy with our little treasure chests as return gifts.

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