English Essay on “Newspaper – A Mindset Changer” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Newspaper – A Mindset Changer

Newspaper is a reflection of the time, place and situation we live in. It’s a powerful medium which can make great impact and had wide reach before T.V came. Newspaper, even then, has grown, changed a bit with changing times and is proving to be an eye opener.

Truthful reporting and a balanced, moderate view of things happening around us give us a clear idea. This in turn helps us to realize our wrong notions or fixed ideas about an individual, a party, a decision or a problem facing our country and prompts us to change our attitude. Also, by reading and analyzing the reports, we have a better understanding of happenings around us.

The exclusive newspaper articles written on some of the debatable issues regarding health, politics or education change our mindset. To mention a good example- we always thought or believed that female infanticide is restricted to the rural villages of Punjab or Haryana but actually it is quite prevalent among the educated middle and rich class of people. They have the money and get the sex- detection test done and indulge in female infanticide with the help of doctors in some lesser known clinics.

Some of the editorials (articles written by the editor) gives us the correct view and forces us to think. Like, the writing on cheap imported food grains. There is a mindset that anything foreign is better in quality and this notion is shattered when the newspaper tells us that it is not always so.

News paper reports which are written with the lot proof like figures and facts related to the issues definitely are eye openers. It even helps our administration to get their act right to serve better. It also helps the politicians (minister or MLA) to change their ways and function better.

The letter to the editor and the writings by some readers (in open page) also highlights some issues and breaks the myths- like people who migrate to gulf countries in search of work are having a great life there. Even today, in the age of T.V and Internet a newspaper give us a deep understanding of issues and helps us shape our opinions.

Articles or stories on the problems or helplessness of individuals, families and communities moves us. People extend their help, philanthropists donate money and some do selfless service. Politicians or officers in-charge try to raise the issues, debate it and find solutions.

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