English Essay on “A Policeman” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

A Policeman

Essay No. 01

A policeman is a useful public servant. He puts on a khaki uniform. He wears a cap or a turban. It has a red band. He has a belt round his waist.

It bears his number on a plate. He puts on heavy shoes. He has a baton in his hand. He looks smart and active. He is generally tall and strong.

His life is very hard. He keeps law and order. He catches the thieves. He chases the thieves and the robbers. He arrests the gamblers and pick-pockets.

Rain or sunshine, he is always on duty. He keeps a watch over bad characters and picks them up when making mischief.

A policeman does many other duties. He controls traffic. He follows processions. He controls crowds in fairs and festivals.

He guards the houses of the leaders. He helps in floods and famines. He can fight the fire also.

An Indian policeman is a changed man now. Once he was very rude. Now he speaks well, but still, he needs to be reformed.

He should not accept bribes. He should become more responsible. The government should raise his pay as he is very low paid. In case of his death, his family should be provided for.

The Policeman

Essay No. 02

The policeman is a public servant. He wears a khaki uniform. The policeman plays a very important role in our society. He is a symbol of discipline. He catches guilty people and put them behind the bars. He makes the people obey the law. His duty is very tough. He often has to do night duty. At the time of election or in the disturbed areas, his duty becomes even harder. He keeps a loaded rifle with him which he seldom uses.

A Policeman

Essay No. 03

The policeman is a very useful public servant. He plays a very important role. He has to maintain law and order. He has to do a lot of work. He goes from place to place to catch bad people. Bad characters create a lot of trouble for all of us.

A policeman is a healthy and strong person. He looks very smart in the uniform. He also carries a small stick with him. Sometimes a policeman can be seen with a gun. A policeman has to work day and night. Bad people are afraid of him.

A policeman helps good and peace-loving citizens. He helps them to be happy. Some policemen are trained to control the traffic. They control and manage the traffic at road junctions and crossings. A policeman also controls crowds. He takes rounds at night to see that everything is okay.

We must always cooperate with him in maintaining law and order. Our life and property are safe because of the policeman.

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