English Essay on “A Football Match” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

A Football Match

Essay No. 01

Today games have become an important part of our lives. They promote health and a good healthy body has a sound mind.

Last Sunday my father took me to see a football match. It was played at National Stadium at India Gate. The weather was clear. It was a sunny day.

We reached the Stadium in our Maruti car. We parked the car in the parking and bought two tickets and then entered the Stadium.

The match was between our football team and a visiting England team. The Stadium was full to capacity. People were sitting on opposite sides. They were carrying the banners of their country. There was a lot of excitement on the ground.

At 3 p.m. the match started. Our captain won the toss. It proved to be an exciting match. For the first ten minutes, the two teams were equally fighting.

The England team’s players kick the ball hard. Our players put up a strong defense. Before the interval, they scored an equalizer. In the beginning, the match was slow, but later it became very interesting.

The match began again after the interval. The England team’s players started to kick the ball hard. Our players put up a strong defense.

Both the teams tried hard but could not score a goal. The match ended in a draw.

Essay No. 02

A Football Match

Matches are an essential part of games as they instill competitive spirit among the players which is a very healthy thing as it motivates them to win the matches by giving their best.

Recently I got an opportunity to witness the football match between our school and Modern School which was played on our school ground.

The match started at around two in the afternoon and both the teams seemed in high spirits. Both the teams were dressed colorfully. The spectators were excited and were ready to cheer their teams.

The Modern School team got to choose the side as they had won the toss. Soon the referee blew his whistle indicating the match to start.

Both the teams played fast but at times the Modern School Team seemed lacking intensity. There was thunderous applause when the goal was scored by our team, just before the interval.

In the second half, the Modern School Team tried its best to equalize but failed. Then they began to play rashly. As the match proceeded it became obvious that our team would win. Then within ten minutes, our team scored another goal, which frustrated the Modern School team players. Although they did succeed in scoring a goal towards the end it was our team who won the match by one goal.

Essay No. 03

A Football Match

A few days ago I went to see an interesting football match played between the D.A.V. Higher Secondary School, Karnal, and the Govt. Higher Secondary School, Shahabad on the grounds of S.D. Higher Secondary School, Karnal. A large crowd of students and men from the town were present to cheer up the players. The match began at 4.30 p.m. About five minutes before the fixed time, the referee called upon the captains of the two teams to toss for sides. The D.A.V.’s won the toss. Soon after, the referee blew the whistle and the players took their positions. At another loud whistle, the center-forward of the local school picked the ball and the play began. From the very start, the Govt. The school team took the offensive. Twice they tried hard to make the ball pass through the goal post, but the goalkeeper of the opposing team warded it off each time. However, he could not resist the attack for long, and the Govt. School center-forward shot the ball through the goal by chance. They were loudly cheered by the spectators. Soon after the half time, the game was resumed. The D.A.V.’s got many chances but failed to score a goal. When only five minutes were left they made their great dash. In spite of strong opposition, their Forwards carried the ball with full force and a goal was scored. There was a hail of shouts and the students of D.A.V. flung their caps high up in the air. The match ended in a draw.

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