Essay on “Bollywood vs. Hollywood” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Bollywood vs. Hollywood

When we think of the movie capital of the world we think of Hollywood, California. Actually, the world’s movie capital is in Bombay. This place is called Bollywood, which is the nickname for the Indian film industry.

When comparing Hollywood and Bollywood there are more differences than similarities. We would assume that the United States produces more movies a year than where else in the world. Bollywood is known to produce more than 800 films a year, when the United produces half as many. Movies that are produced in India follow a form. They are three to four hours long where in the United States movies average about two hours in length. If asked what movies were produced in Hollywood, the list would go on forever. When asked the same about Bollywood the most common answer would be “What is Bollywood?”

American Desi, Company, and Grahan are a few movies that were released in Bollywood in 2001. Due to this, Bollywood has risen in the film industry. In Bollywood it is common for an individual star to work on as many as ten films at once. Other features of an Indian made movie include intermission, songs and dances, and most likely have a lot of sexual content and violence. Today, it is more common to hear of Indian made films being played in American and British theaters than it is to hear of American movies being played in Indian theaters. If more people are attending movies then more promotional work will be done, causing people across countries to hear about certain films being produced. Fourteen million people go to the movies in India on a daily basis, which is much more than the United States.

Both Hollywood and Bollywood highly promote their films and stars. Bollywood’s lead stars are making about forty percent of a two million dollar salary. The only American Blockbuster hit to ever hit the top five charts in India is Titanic. Unlike Hollywood, Bollywood film production center is government owned. The only edge Hollywood has is in terms of technological sense where the Hollywood employs a superior technology for the various processes associated with film production and development over Bollywood. In all other comparisons. Bollywood has the last laugh.

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