Write a Letter to the Editor on “Poor Condition of Heritage Sites”.

Write a Letter to the Editor on “Poor Condition of Heritage Sites”.

14 Sunder Nagar


21st June 20xx


The Editor

The Times of India

New Delhi

Subject: Poor Condition of Heritage Sites


Last Sunday I went to visit the Taj Mahal along with my parents. I was quite excited but all the excitement was only short-lived as the place was not as beautiful as it should have been. The Taj, no doubt, is the epitome of beauty, but the place outside was littered with plastic plates, broken bottles, leftover food, etc. Many tourists come to Agra to view the Taj, but the mess around the monument leaves a bad impression on the tourists. People must acquire some good civic habits. Dustbins should be provided at short distances and people should use them. They should throw their waste and leftovers in the dustbins. Spitting of pan-masala should not be done, and the offenders should be fined. Children should be inculcated with civic sense right from the beginning. Parents should ensure that their children develop good habits. There is a dire need to check all this and to take preventive steps. Through this letter of mine, I want to create awareness among general public that we must not neglect our archaeological and heritage sites. We must take good care of them by following good civic habits and by following the code of conduct ethically.

Thanking you

Yours truly

Archit Mahajan

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