useful tips for creating a good and meaningful Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduate Students.

Following are some of the useful tips for creating a good and meaningful Essay:

(1) For writing a good essay, one must acquire the habit of reading. By more and more reading, we can increase our knowledge over that subject/topic.

(2) You (the writer) must select such a topic that is known by you. This will help to write without much effort.

(3) After selecting a topic, rough sketch of points should be imagined and then ideas must be set in a suitable sequence. Points must be arranged in such a manner that the reader is attracted to read the entire essay.

(4) Attractive, brief and catchy beginning (introduction) of an essay captivates the attention of the reader.

(5) Writing clearly and using simple language is best for your essay. More Attention must be paid on hand writings.

(6) To create good impression on the reader scribbling must be completely avoided.

(7) Ideas, emotions, feelings and key words must not be repeated. Even using short forms of the words such as won’t, can’t, etc. must be avoided.

(8) Grammatical and spelling errors should be controlled.

(9) Paying attention on correct punctuation helps in bringing out correct meaning of what the writer want to express to the reader.

(10) Essay must be created based on one’s own knowledge, experience and language. Expressing your own feelings and opinions is best for your essay.

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