Trees-Storehouse of Oxygen Essay, Paragraph for Students of Class 8, 9, and 10 Examination.

Essay on “Trees-Storehouse of Oxygen”

Trees are truly our friends because they help us in so many ways. In the olden days, there were many more trees than we see today, especially in cities where tall buildings have replaced forests filled with trees. Knowing how important trees are to us, more and more saplings are being planted each and every day to make our cities green and clean. Trees prevent the rich soil from being washed away by the rain water and heavy floods. They give us shade from the hot, burning sun. They also shelter us from the rain. They give us fruit to eat and beautiful flowers. They are ‘home’ for countless birds, insects and animals. We get wood, medicines, paper, gum etc. from trees. They take in a gas known as carbon dioxide and give out oxygen, which we breathe. Oxygen is very important for our life.

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