The Sun-Ultimate Source of Energy Essay, Paragraph for Students of Class 8, 9, and 10 Examination.

Essay on “The Sun-Ultimate Source of Energy”

The sun is a big, bright ball of fire that shines in the sky. It can be seen only during the daytime. The sun is really a huge star. It looks small to us because it is thousands and thousands of miles away.

The summer months are so hot, because the sun’s rays are the strongest at that time. During winter, the sun does not bother us much because it becomes really cold, and we welcome its warmth. The sun gives us heat, light and energy which all living things need to grow. If we look straight at the sun, its powerful light hurts our eyes. Therefore, we should protect ourselves against the direct rays of the sunlight. The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. The sun is the ultimate source of energy on earth. It would help if you were wondered to know that the sun never sets. Where there is night in one part of the globe, there is the day in the other part of the globe. So, the question of its setting never arises. It keeps on working throughout the day.

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