Fairies Essay, Paragraph for Students of Class 8, 9, and 10 Examination.

Essay on “Fairies”

We all love to read fairy tales. Bookshops are filled with books on exciting, well-told stories with beautiful and colourful pictures of fairies and goblins and little elves who make shoes at night and dance on toad stools in the garden. We know fairies have wings and carry ‘wands’ to make wishes come true. There are ‘good’ fairies, like Cinderella’s Godmother, and ‘bad’ fairies, like Sleeping Beauty’s wicked fairy who cast a spell on the princess. But do fairies really exist? Has anyone truly seen or spoken to a fairy or watched her fly around in the garden on a rainy day? It does not really matter, because fairy stories give us so much to think about. So, even if it is only in our imagination or dreams, let us read on about these lovely beings.

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