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Women and Fashion

Women and fashion is an interesting combination. They are more devoted to fashion and changing fashions than men. Though these days men are catching up and wend some time choosing their clothing. By nature since women love to dress up it’s quite normal for them to be more attracted to changing fashions. They are more fashion conscious.

Earlier fashionable dresses or stylish clothes were the privilege of women from wealthy families and women in the field of cinema. Today, though cinema sets a trend or fashion it can be followed by people like us, since it is immediately in the market. Be it clothes or accessories. Today, an ordinary woman has more access to fashion. Even if they are a little cheap version of the original, they are available. Women keep track of changing fashions. Now, apart front the print media, the visual media help them to keep up with changing fashions, giving them information what to follow and what not to follow right from colour in trend to cuts, size of sleeves to length of a dress, kinds of material in vogue to types of jewels to he used and hair style to follow.

From teenage days on women become more conscious about looks and dress. They sometimes spend more time than they should on trying to be fashionable. An important reason towards this has been the promotion of fashion or new trends through fashion shows. More and more young women today are entering the world of fashion. Not just following it but being a part of it. Some women are fashion models at a very young age, doing ramp shows displaying latest dresses, some are pan of designing and making dresses/accessories known as fashion designer and some are fashion critics who review changing trends and creations. Presently, in India we have some of the best women fashion designers and models who have taken fashion to new levels.

In the most of the countries, fashion had been influenced by the west. So, do the way women dressed thereafter, for example the concept of an evening gown, short skirts and sleeveless dresses are borrowed ideas. It’s very much seen in the old films and family photographs.

Everywhere women are identified with the world of fashion. Be it Jacqueline Kennedy and Princess Diana or our own models like Madhu Sapre and Aishwarya Rai or actresses like Sadhna and Hema Malini. Dressing and style of women of different eras immediately strikes us when we talk about fashions.

Irrespective of their age, women try to be fashionable these days. With so much exposure and parlors assisting them to choose what is right for them; they arc an advantageous lot today. Women and fashion go hand in hand. The field of fashions will loose its charm without women and their clothes.

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