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Values of Trees


Trees are very important for the environment. They are the wealth of our planet. They are valuable source of different kinds of commodities like wood, fuel, fodder, timber and herbal medicines. Trees also provide several kinds of raw materials useful for various industries. They help in maintaining the environmental balance. Unfortunately, today, the threat to their existence is increasing every day.

Men have a tendency of not caring and thinking about the trees. Trees are the silent wonders of nature that makes our life on the Earth possible. Although trees are very valuable source of maintaining ecological balance, they are cut down for shellfish motives without caring for the future of the Mother Earth. Moreover, they give us food, paper, medicines, cool and clean air as well as wood for furniture. They also provide shade and shelter not just to humans but also to different animals and birds.

Trees are a blessing for humans in different ways. They are globally important because they play a significant role in maintaining the ecosystem of the Earth. They protect the soil from rain and wind that would otherwise be wasted or blown away. Different chemical products that are essential for making medicine originate in the plants.

Trees absorb the energy from the sun that would otherwise be reflected back into the atmosphere. Through the process of photosynthesis in green trees, carbon dioxide is absorbed by them from the atmosphere. They turn carbon dioxide and water into food using energy obtained from the sun light.

It is unfortunate to note that human beings are destroying trees without caring for its importance. Cutting trees leads to decrease of rainfall in that region. Trees are cut down to gain more space for our growing needs. As more and more forests are destroyed, there will be increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This will contribute to greenhouse effect. Loss of forest means loss of habitat and the disappearance of many species of plants, birds, animals and insects.

Continuous increase in world population and rising demand for timber and fuel wood are responsible to put increasing amount of pressure on the world’s trees. It is believed that within few decades there will be considerable loss of the forest areas and the quality of the forests. It is estimated that if such a rapid cutting of trees continues than the area under forests will drop down as low as 500 to 800 million hectors by 2050. In other words, only 30% of existing forests wilt survives in next fifty years.


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