Essay on “Value of Sports” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Value of Sports

Sports have a much higher value than mere simple entertainment. What is this higher value? This higher value lies in the constructive role that sports play in character building. In this connection it would be very relevant to recall what the Duke of Wellington once said about the value of sports. He said that the battle of Waterloo had been won on the playgrounds of Eton. A little reflection will show that these remarks are based on hundred per cent truth and there is no exaggeration. These only bring to limelight the importance of the excellent ualities of character that sports are capable of producing. Besides being a real source of recreation, sports teach and cultivate certain qualities of the head and the heart such as courage, sportsmanship, honour, fair play, discipline-dutifulness, obedience, the will to fight ones way to victory, the team-spirit and unity of purpose and action. These qualities symbolise the real virtues of a sportsman who plays the game of life.

Sports develop the spirit of courage, manliness, the will to tight against odds and unfavourable and averse circumstances.

A true sportsman is endowed with indo ‘table courage that emboldens him to fight to the end to win. He never loses heart and faces rough and tough situations cheerfully, and with full vigour. They inculcate in the sportsman the quality of accepting both—defeat and success with a smile and without any ill-will or hatred towards anybody, especially the opponents. This quality renders the International Sporting events all the more important.

At the International Sporting events, sportsman from various countries having different social, economic and political systems and ideologies come together. In their inter-action, all the virtues and qualities of sportsmanship come into full play. Co a sportsman, nothing is dearer than his honour. A true sportsman would neither conduct himself in a dishonourable manner; nor permit himself to be an instrument of any dishonour to his opponents. He wants to live and die with honour and for the sake of honour. For this reason, international events serve to promote mutual respect, understanding and appreciation of the other people’s point of view. As world-class sportsman in all countries command great respect and admiration and such events are held with the support and blessings of their respective governments, the goodwill created at these events paves way for goodwill and understanding in other fields also. In this way, the international sporting events promote the cause of peace and goodwill among the participating nations.

Games and sports are especially important for the school and college going boys and girls. Besides keeping them fit both mentally and physically they perform a very special function in their development.

The students at this age pass through a very crucial physical and mental stage. They need to be very active and busy both mentally and physically. Only studies and present day movies and television-watching make them slack and their extra energies do not get properly channalized. The answer to this situation is being busy in sports and games. It takes out all the extra energy and keeps them busy mentally giving no place to unhealthy development. These are a natural healthy emotional and mental development.

Games and sports help in the building of a harmonious around personality. Those who play no games have a stunted growth and personality. Education without games is a one-sided affair. Mere mental and moral development is not enough.

Physical development is as important as mental growth. Games and sports help us in the development of the body as well as of the soul. That is why every system of education lays much stress on the utility of games and sports in life. These help us in the development of sound minds in healthy bodies.

Games and sports makes the limbs supple and the body fit. A person with a healthy body can perform his duties of life better. A person who cares not for the physical exercise falls prey to hundred and one diseases. The cost of life in terms of medicines and sickness is heavy indeed.

India needs able-bodied and healthy youth to shoulder thousand and one duties for bigger, better and brighter tomorrow. In the building of youth and national character, sports play a tremendous role. Physical exercise is essential for proper development of mind. A healthy body means a healthy mind also. One who is suffering physically can never have a healthy mind or body. Games and sports help us in maintaining health of both body and mind.

Games and sports provide an ideal recreation for the youth, children and even old people. It is better to use leisure in playing rather than in seeing television or cinema show. Reading books all the time is also not good. As the saying goes, “All work and no play will make Jack a dull boy”.

Games dispel dullness and make life worth living. Sport, evaporate gloominess and add brightness to our lives. They provide us with moments of light and cheers. Life’s best remembered moments are the times of our games and sports when limbs are light and eyes are bright. When a business executive plays tennis or badminton in the evening, he adds new horizons to his business enterprise. He acquires the spirit of sportsmanship in dealing with rivals and colleagues.

Games play a great role in the development of character and career. Those who do not play any games usually do not do well in their lives too. They are miserable failures on all fronts.

Games and sports teach us team spirit, without which nothing can be achieved in the world, because we have all to team up our energies to make life worth living. In all affairs of life we ha, to act as a team and this is the great lesson of games and sports.

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