Essay on “Traveling in an Overcrowded Bus” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 9, 10 and 12 students.

Traveling in an Overcrowded Bus


Traveling by a bus is not an enjoyable experience in overcrowded cities, especially for women and young girls. I prefer travelling by my father’s car. Even at the times of emergency, I try to avoid boarding an overcrowded bus. It is not only a suffering to enter an overcrowded bus but also to buy a ticket, to stand straight until a seat is available and step out of the bus at desired destination without injury to yourself or your property. For me travelling in an overcrowded bus is no less than an adventure.

Once I was forced to enter an overcrowded bus as my father’s car had met with an accident and had gone for service. One evening, against my wish, I was standing at a bus stop. I was at the head of the queue and worried to enter the bus, as it was overcrowded. Of a sudden, a friend came from behind and almost forced me to board the bus telling me not to worry, as somebody would offer seats to us girls.

As soon as we entered the bus, we slowly departed due to overflowing crowd. Inside the bus, it was like a packed fish market. I felt confused. With a snail’s speed, I moved from the entrance to the exit. By the way, I bought my ticket. The bus was not just packed to its full capacity but was not even meant for carrying standing passengers. In the process, one of many sandals slipped out of my foot. I had no clue where my sandal disappeared.

Soon I found myself in very uncomfortable positions. A co-passenger tried to release his sufferings by smoking a cigarette. Unable to bear the smoke, I moved away quickly. Believe me it was not that easy for a girl like me who had never traveled by a public bus. Again, I found myself next to a stinking man. It was so annoying and suffocating.

Fortunately, my friend’s prediction came true. A well behaved boy offered me his seat near the exit. In a matter of a few minutes, my journey as well as my misery ended. I resolved never again to travel by an overcrowded bus.

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