Essay on “The Wonders of Modern Science” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Wonders of Modern Science

Science is the name of the process by which man satisfies his needs and ambitions. It touches the life of everyone in different ways. Science has hugely progressed during the period of last five hundred years. Scientific achievements, discoveries and inventions have been wonderful. It has been pushing forward with a terrific speed in different walks of lives. One cannot imagine life without science and its various wonders.

In the field of energy, agriculture, entertainment, computer application, medicine, armament, space, communication, transportation, etc. science has brought about revolution in man’s life. It has helped man to conquer diseases, distance and space. Moreover, countries have come much closer and thus, it can be said that the entire world has now turned into a global village.

Science has opened new floodgates of development, expansion and achievements. There are no limits for man’s desire for knowledge, discovery, creations, innovations and self-expansion. He is an ambitious and highly intelligent being who constantly makes efforts of pushing his limits to gain more knowledge.

Science has always helped in understanding and solving the mysteries of nature. Today, man is sailing in the vast and unexplored oceans of knowledge. He is ready to face any challenge. He is in search of fulfilling his quest for the truth. Science has made life easy, convenient, comfortable, better and more meaningful. It has made many dreams come true and has helped man to reach the moon and other planets.

Satellite communication has brought about a unique revolution in information technology. Fax, E-mail, video-conferencing, roaming mobile phones, etc. are very common. Information technology has entered into the era of internet and World Wide Web. Moreover, the discovery of atomic energy and its increasing use has been one of the greatest wonders of modern science. It has been as significant as the discovery of the wheel and fire in the primitive stage of human evolution.

Science in itself is neither good nor evil and neither, blessing nor a curse. Its use makes it good or bad. Science should be used as a benefit, as a means and a tool to improve the quality of life. The misuse and abuse of scientific inventions are sound to make life horrifying.

In the fields of nutrition, medicine, hygiene and surgery, the achievements of science have been equally excellent. Heart-Transplantation and that of other organs arc now very common. Many fatal diseases have been eradicated or are on the way of eradication.

Science has completely changed man’s outlook of life. Many superstitions and blind beliefs do not exist anymore. Remote satellite sensing helps us in knowing floods, earthquakes. droughts and other such natural calamities in advance. Moreover, cinema, television, video, music and cable network entertainment has been brought to our doorsteps and into our pockets.

A new generation of robots has taken the world by storm. Today, there are thousands of industrial robots. These new generation robots are wonder machines that are invented due to scientific knowledge. They can think and possess sense and even feel. Thus, this remarkable progress in the field of artificial and mechanical intelligence makes man proud.

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