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The Way I Spent My Sunday

All of us wait eagerly for the arrival of Sunday. Each one of us has different plans for a good Sunday. As a student, I prefer spending my time being at home with my parents or enjoying out with them on Sunday. Thus, Sunday is an inviting break from the dullness of going to school every day, studying, doing homework and preparing for examinations.

Most of the people are exited of spending Sunday doing things in their own ways. On every Sunday, I calm down, finish my homework, take some extra rest and even enjoy. Sundays make wonders to me as I can again go back to school fresh with a lot of energy and vigour.

Although going to school and meeting friends is fun, but still I wait for Sunday keenly. Sunday breaks the school routine, which is getting up early in the morning, taking bath and getting ready on time, doing class work, attending tuitions, coming back home, resting for a while and doing school homework. However, Sunday is a day, which we spend, as we wish.

As we are fond of traveling, we usually go for a long drive or a day’s picnic on Sunday. This Sunday we went to one of the nearby theme parks. stepped out from tiresome and dull routine through the gates of the park. For a short while, I forget everything and enjoyed as if I was at the top of the world. I experienced adventures and dangers that are not available in everyday life. I sat in wild rides that were twisting, dipping, now fast and then slow. Sometimes they were breath taking. Rides were supervised under professional guidance and care. For a few minutes, I lived on the edge of danger, but always with the knowledge that safety was only inches and seconds away from me.

Kindlier rides were available for the children of all ages. Everything appeared attractive, bright and colourful. There were rides that took people through different cultures, monuments of different countries and even into a frightening outer space. The roller coaster ride was one of my favourite rides. Time flew by and it was five in the evening. We went to a restaurant where my parents had tea while I had a burger and a soft drink.

Alas! The sun had started setting. We started to return home. By the time we reached home, we were feeling hungry. Another treat was waiting for me. My mother, who was too tired to cook, ordered yummy pizzas and we enjoyed eating them while watching a movie.

Sundays are really a blessing. I wish every day were a Sunday. I wonder if I could have enjoyed my life if Sundays were not there.

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