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The Vibrant Indian Culture

India’s rich vibrant culture is our identity as a nation-Be it religion, art, traditions, performing arts or intellectual achievements- they have made us a rich colorful and diverse nation. This has withstood the tests of time.

The various invasions of past had only added to the already present variety. Today, India stands as a popular multi- cultural society as it has absorbed best of every culture and moved on.

People here follow different religions, customs and traditions. Every religion has rich values passed on to new generations. People though turning modern today, hold on to the moral values, celebrate festivals according to customs, wear traditional clothes and are Dying to promote the richness even if they live elsewhere. We still learn lessons from the great Indian epics- Ramayana and Mahabharata. People still throng temples, gurudwaras, mosques and churches.

From north to south, east to west, its culture is very much alive. We must not just go by what we see in the urban malls. The art and architecture of the cave temples (Ajanta & Ellora), the huge carved Gopurams, the Gumbads, the intricate work of art created as symbol of love (the Taj mahal), the Jharokas of the palaces. The forts and their splendors still attract us and foreigners alike.

The aesthetic paintings of Raja Ravi Verma, lovely rich Rajasthani paintings depicting the Rajput and the Mugalslife style and war, (on paper as well as silk), the simple but colorful life of Rajasthan depicted in village paintings. The tribal art of east, the intricate palm leaf drawings, the mural paintings on the walls of temples. The sculptures in different moods of life and even telling tales from mythology and so on- all once seen, gets etched in our memories. They are unique in its style and beauty.

Performing arts got great patronage during the time of kings. In south India it grew rich and set a great tradition to follow. The sheer variety of dances in India baffles people- from the folk dances, the traditional temple dances performed to invoke or please gods. the classical dances, the dance ballet or dance dramas to present day fusion dances. Same goes for music- rich variety to pick. India is a place where people love music and dance. Most importantly we are ready to accept and absorb different kinds. There is a rich blend of instrumental music today. Traditional dance and music academies or gurukulas where accomplished dancers and gurus teach have become our cultural landmarks.

India is the land where Ayurveda was born and developed as medical science to treat diseases holistically. It’s also the place where first surgeries where performed and rich literature was written about the structure and anatomy of human body. So, from Vedas philosophy, art, literature, science, vibrant and different dresses, dressing styles, customs & ways- we have inherited a great culture.

Culturally India is a kaleidoscope and one realizes this, if one travels throughout the country seeing places, people and their culture. We must strive to maintain its beauty and richness.

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