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The India of My Dream


India has an interesting, and colorful history. It’s a land with abundant natural resources large human population, different an. culture & tradition, different religions various spoken languages, food, different ways of dressing. and rich experiences of the past.

Once, the outside world knew it was only the land of mountains, rivers and sages. Its people, poor and uneducated. The view changed over a period of time when the leaders and social reformers of the country strived to bring changes. Today, people outside view India as a progressing nation with great future. People are taking notice and showing interest because of the open policies. adopted in the past few years. But still, we are lagging behind in many areas.

India of my dreams will be more united, where people do not use religion in the wrong way to create differences. It will be a place where there is absolutely no caste system-people will be respected for what they are by virtue of their abilities. I dream that people will support and accept inter caste marriages or relationships. It will be place where corruption is least and every person is responsible for his or her action and keep a clean working system- so that the tax paying citizen is satisfied. To ensure this there will be strict rules and it will not be bent even if the culprit is a minister. Human resources being an asset of India. more importance will be given to education & vocational training so that each grown up person can contribute to the growth of the country. This in turn can reduce the gap between rich & poor. I dream of a place where every rich person supports or contribute to a cause, without thinking only of personal gains. They will help the government in providing the basic facilities to the villages of India.

In the present scenario, the most disturbing fact is we are failing in agriculture in many parts of our country which is forcing us to import food grains from outside. In future, it will be revived; farmers will be given importance and must be treated better. Good harvest or bad, heavy rains or drought, the farmers will be given some kind of financial security to survive and prevent them from committing suicides. Educated & qualified people will be encouraged enter the field of farming which will attract private companies and make us self reliant in the food sector.

Though we are a progressing nation economically we are still to improve socially. I dream of a society where people respect the girl child and never ever bow to pressures to end it. Women will be given equal importance as men. I dream of a day when women will be not afraid to travel or walk alone on the road. Crime against women will be reduced by teaching the boys to be more sensitive towards the opposite sex in their growing years. There will be no dowry cases or deaths once the boys realize. It’s a shame to ask for dowry. Men and women will learn to complement each other rather than try to out shine each other-this will bring harmony in families and in turn to the country. I dream of a place where our children are allowed to dream and given the opportunity to achieve their dreams and not forced to work robbing their smile of childhood days.

India will be a place where children will be taught to respect the nature, natural resources and discourage the mindless over use of resources. New ways of tapping energy and fuel will be supported which causes less pollution.

Finally, India as I dream will be a place known for its good values-our people who are presently becoming very materialistic will realize their folly and will hold values like, honesty, respect towards elders, poor, crippled) kindness and humility very high. It will be known to the world for its openness, balanced development in every field without causing damage to its roots or identity.

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