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The Game I Like Best

Cticket is my favourite game. It is the game I like the most. It is. an international game and is quite often shown on television. Many cricket teams come from abroad to play matches in India and the Indian teams go abroad to play against foreign countries.

The most important nations playing cricket are England, Australia, West Indies, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. When I grow up, I also hope to become a great cricketer and represent India against foreign cricketers at home and abroad. That is the greatest ambition of my life.

I am never good at books but I am very good at cricket. My teachers often take me to task for not devoting myself to studies and my parents are angry for not burning the midnight oil for doing well in the examinations but it is none of my ambition to become a book-worm. My only ambition in life is to become a great cricketer. Once I become a star cricketer, I am sure that my parents and my teachers will be proud of my success in the world of cricket. I want to shine as a star in the firmament of the sporting world. I want my name to be written in golden letters in history books of cricket and the great cricketers. I want to die as Bradman, the great English Cricketer.

My greatest pleasure is to keep away from the classes and spend the days, from dawn to dusk, on the cricket field. Cricket is whole day game and you can spend many hours in playing cricket. It lasts longer than a film show. When great lest Matches are held at important cities of India, like Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Madras, people buy their tickets in advance and carry their lunch boxes with them. I wish I were one of the Test Cricket players watched by the thousands of people on the playground and millions of people on television around the world. One day I am sure that I will achieve that eminence.

In other sports one can be either a spectator or an actor. In cricket one can be both at the same time. When others are batting, you watch.

When your turn comes, you become the actor on whom the thousands of eyes are directed. He is then the idol of the admiring crowds. In this manner one can see cricket in two ways as actor and spectator. He can see the crowds from the player’s point of view as well as from the spectator’s angle of vision.

In other games the whole team goes into action in team spirit and it is the team spirit which makes the victory possible. In cricket both team spirit and individual performance are counted. One may hit a brilliant century even when the cricket team fails to win the match as a whole, in cricket the game moves on slowly and one can watch the bowlers and batsmen in action and out of action. Their every move is recorded on the retinas of millions of eyes.

Cricket is very popular and very fashionable game in India. You find urchins playing cricket in the street corners and in offside plains, parks, gardens and meadows. Cricket is the talk of the town in clubs and restaurants, both friends and foes. Men like Sunil Gavaskar and Bradman are immortal stars of the cricket heavens and their glory will never fade from the earth. They will always shine like planets in the midnight sky.

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