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The Craze for fashions

Essay No. 01

Fashion refers to a popular type of clothes, hairstyle, or anything else that is the existing style. Fashion covers every thinkable trend of a particular age in a fashionable appeal. There is a common tendency for people to use fashion as a way to express their thinking and nature. Fashion is all about matching and trying to leave an impression on others.

Many people dress to impress and others merely dress to be noticed. Teenagers as well as adults all over the world are becoming extremely fashion conscious. They are all captivated by new fashions. People want to look their best in order to impress others. Due to western traders, Indian fashion is continually growing. It has been observed that the Indian fashion industry usually gives so much of Indian touch to all the foreign designs that the original design cannot be recognized.

The Indian costume industry has been influenced by western fashions. India is a diverse nation in terms of cultural groups and languages. The special feature about this is that each group has different dressing styles and costumes. Indian fashion designers interlink these various trends and give them wonderful Indian touch. Participation and winning in various beauty shows on the international level has further contributed in influencing people in India with regard to new fashions. In the last few years, Indian women have won many significant international beauty shows. The costumes worn by these Indian women are a blending of both western and Indian wear. People observe them as role models and start following what they dress and do. This automatically spreads and becomes fashionable among people.

Modern Indian movies are not far behind in making its impact on young minds. People of India have a long-lasting impression of what they see in movies. They blindly follow what their favourite film stars wear in the films.

A change has also been brought in the style and lifestyle of Indian youth because of foreign education and employment opportunities available abroad. In order to have synced with the western culture, people in India follow the western culture and alter themselves with the lifestyle of the foreigners.

However, fashion is an imaginative and never-ending process. It keeps on changing regularly because human wants are in a nonstop variation. However, the idea of getting attracted by any fashion is not bad but there must be a valid reason behind that fashion.


Essay No. 02

Craze For Fashion

Nothing changes faster than fashion in the fast-changing world of today. With the expansion of the fashion industry over the last few years, fashion designing has become a lucrative profession. There may be fashion in ornaments, dress, customs, food and drink, hairstyle, amusement, and manners. There is much craze for fashions among boys and girls.

The names of popular dress designers and the labels launched by them have become household names. There are special garments for various occasions. Designers hire expensive models to display their dresses, as the world of fashion has become very competitive. Fashions give freedom to people to dress according to their choice and taste. They also relieve monotony and help to highlight features of an individual and thus enhance his or her personality. Boys and girls watch T.V. programmes, see films and copy the hairstyle, and dress style of actors and actresses. They love the latest cuts and designs and run after the new, showy, and eye-catching dresses.

Some people are of the view that fashion is an indication of a healthy taste. But as fashions have no fixed standard and change rapidly, the common man is unable to keep pace and suffers a lot. Even youth belonging to the poor class of society, join the rat race of fashions. Changing fashions are the outcome of the Cable T. V. culture which has adversely affected the Indian culture. Some boys and girls are unable to cope with the ever-changing demands of modern fashion and resort to bad habits in order to earn a fast buck. The change in fashions is the result of man’s love for novelty. However, it is better to cherish the traditional Indian culture and be moderate in the changing trends of fashion.

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