Essay on “The Autobiography of an Ideal Citizen” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Autobiography of an Ideal Citizen

A citizen may be a person living in city, town, village or a slum. He is a citizen of an independent country. An ideal citizen is the person who has certain, duties and responsibilities to fulfill. By enjoying certain rights and freedoms, he takes pride to be born in his country.

Ideal citizens like me, are blessing to society and in turn to the country. I know that I am responsible towards the country, just as the country has certain responsibilities towards me. I deeply respect and admire the tradition, culture and heritage of my country. I always work to maintain social harmony with my fellow citizens. I never hurt the feelings of other people and spoil peace in society. I take care of the weak, poor and needy people. I am a loyal and an obedient member of society.

My main duty is to remain faithful to my country until my last breath. Loyalty towards the country is close to my heart. I am always ready to loss everything for the sake of my people. I always obey the laws and respect the Constitution of my country. I never do anything that is not permitted by the law.

I see my country above everything. I am always ready to protect my motherland. I am fully prepared to risk my life for the sake of my country. As an ideal citizen, I have a strong belief in the law of my country. I have no sympathy for those who break the laws or damage the peace. I help the law protectors against those who create problems in society.

An ideal citizen is a person of good habits and clean thinking. I lead a simple life and always respect beliefs and opinions of others. I am helpful, friendly, self-sacrificing and humble individual.

I am always alert against the enemies of the country. I never do anything that may help them. I take interest in politics, so that I may use my vote for the good of the country.

I am confident and brave to carry out my activities. I never ill-treat, harm or cheat anyone. I am a person who is clean in thoughts, words and deeds. If I were a soldier, I would have fought bravely. If I were a social worker, I would have put my heart and soul in my work. If I were a teacher, 1 would have worked very hard for the progress of my students. If I were a doctor, I would have done my best to save my patients’ life. Thus, an ideal citizen like me has all the qualities worthy for highest honour.

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