Essay on “The Art of Flattery” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Art of Flattery

The art of flattery is as old as the world itself. Since time immemorial this art has thrived unhindered. It has flourished by leaps and bounds. It knows no limit. It is a technique which wins all hearts.

Who does not like his praise? Who does not want his admiration? All of us are hungry for personal gains. If our efforts are appreciated though they are ordinary and common-place it is certainly flattery. All rich people do have a horde of fair-weather friends. They lick their heels for their selfish motives. All big officials and ministers and political leaders have many flatterers around them. They earn their favour and satisfy their ambitions. Flattery is a very 014 art. In ancient times also the kings and queens had a couple of people always around them who kept them in good humour by making false praises of each of their actions and activities. They got rich rewards sometimes for making a fine remark of flattery.

Flattery is the product of a wicked brain. They indulge in false praises and back-biting. They are the sycophants. They get the evil done by their high art of speech which is all false and motivated. Human mind, though very high in thought is very weak in constitution. You succumb to the art of flattery very easily. Even great minds have not been able to escape this treachery. Many evils including murders and wars and battles have been the result of flattery. The old autocratic rulers had no direct access to the people in general. They believed those who were around them. And they included people with this traditional art of flattery and the result was sometimes disastrous. Everyone should try to escape the evil of flattery.

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