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Students and Politics

Essay No. 01

The question whether students should actively participate in politics has been debatable for a long time now. It has been controversial subject. Both who believe they should and those who say they should not argue strongly on the merits of their cases. The discussion goes on between the students, teachers and politicians, but no satisfactory or convincing solution to the problem has come up.

Those who oppose their participation in politics put up a strong case. They argue that politics being a dirty game creates groups and parties among the students which leads to permanent enmities among them. It naturally disturbs the peace of mind of students and thus their studies suffer which is their prime area of attention at that stage. The students in schools and college cannot afford to waste their time in party bickerings while they are required to pursue the prime duty of their studies. By involving them in political tussle with each other we are not doing them any good. They participate in strikes, demonstrations and processions. At times there is a clash with the college authorities or the police, and the situation takes an ugly turn. Many students are put behind bars. They have to follow cases in the court. Thus lot of precious time is lost not only to those who are actively associated but many innocent students who really want to study. Thus participation in politics spoils the career of a student and make him useless for his future life.

Now, those who support the proposition, also make out a strong case. They say that education means all-round development. It does not mean only literacy. Participation in politics leads to a harmonious development of personality.

It makes the student aware of what is happening in the country and the world around him. It develops in him the qualities of leadership, instead of being a timid and shy book-worm. He grows into an aggressive, dominating and alert young man who knows how to fight the battle of life.

How a student can be deprived of a very essential training of politics during his forming years of character and personality? Participation in politics trains him to be a good citizen in the democratic way of life. He comes to know early in his life how to be a responsible and cultured citizen of a country like India. Such people will be an asset to the society tomorrow. He gains a fair knowledge of debating and putting forward his point of view with force and conviction. He is also trained for the leadership. As a leader in making he develops courage, sincerity of purpose, spirit of service, self discipline and devotion to duty. The great leaders have been great students leaders in their student life.

Now it is difficult to decide whose view is carrying more weight. So the way out seems to take the middle path. A student should take part in politics but not very actively. All his activities should go within some limits so that the prime concern is not affected, that is, studies.


Essay No. 02


Students and Politics

Much controversy has been raised around this topic whether students should take part in politics or not.

In my opinion, politics must never be allowed under any condition to divert the students from studies. Because studies are very important for students as they help to shape their futures.

Since we live in a free society students should not be forced to take part in politics, be it related to their academic world or the governmental politics.

There are hundred other worthy things students can take up in their free time other than politics. These days’ political parties play with the sentiments of youth and show little sense of responsibility towards them.

I think as long as students study political problems from a detached point of view, there is no harm but the moment they throw themselves in the active politics they run the risk of ruining their academic life.

Moreover, students should also not join politics because they are not mature enough to understand its subtleties and are more likely to harm than help their nation.

Besides this, most importantly students’ active participation in politics affects their studies. Therefore students should never allow their attention to digress from their studies.

If a student seriously wishes to pursue politics, then he should first complete his education because half educated and ill equipped, he would not be able to contribute much even in civic life.

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