Essay on “Science in The Service of Man” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 9, 10 and 12 students.

Science in The Service of Man


The modern age has rightly been mentioned as the Age of Science. Science has unlocked and widened the new boundaries of human knowledge, information, comforts and achievements. The scientific path from unawareness to knowledge, from superstitions to scientific wisdom and from darkness to light, has been a long struggle. This struggle was full of troubles, determination, labour, hard-work, trial and errors as well as challenges.

Man’s hunger for knowledge has resulted in remarkable progress of science in different societies. Science is universal, complete, simple and yet very complex. It includes reasoning, analyzing and systematic study of various things. Science has helped man to conquer different things. Now, the moon is within the man’s reach and planets are not too far off from his observation and study.

Satellite communication has helped in rapid contact of people from one corner of the world to another. Immediate communication through telephones, mobiles and electronic mails are great wonders of science. Through networking, a computer can be connected to other computer in the world. Satellites have also changed the world of entertainment through radios and cable televisions. Science has completely changed the viewpoint of man. The scientific ride is wonderful, pleasant and thrilling.

Man’s life has become easy, convenient and comfortable because of several scientific inventions. Science is a powerful weapon and it is up to man how to uses it. It is neither a boon nor a curse. However, it is in the hands of man to decide what service he desires from science. Thus, it is unwise to categories science as an evil or good.

Science is a knowledge, a power, a blessing and a key to solve the different secrets of nature. It has helped us in getting rid of many deadly diseases. Now-a-days transplantation of human organs is a common medical practice. Due to many medical discoveries and progresses, man finds himself safer and protected. Moreover, his lifespan has also extended.

The miracles and achievements of science are too many. It has helped man to jump into a comfortable world of successes and luxuries. No doubt the misuse of science and its discoveries has brought the entire humanity on the edge of destruction. It has produced destructive weapons, like nuclear bombs, missiles, deadly gases. etc. Thus, science should be used as a benefit, as a means and a tool to improve the quality of life. The misuse and abuse of science are bound to make our life horrifying.

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