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Prize Distribution Day in My School

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Essay No. 01

It was a memorable day for me. Our school asked us to dress in fine clothes and come for the Annual Day of our school. It was to be held in two days’ time. I was overjoyed to attend the function, as I had to receive quite a few prizes.

My parents bought me a new dress for the special day. I took my parents with me because all the parents were invited to attend the function. The function was supposed to start at 5 p.m. We were asked to be present for the function at least half an hour before the start. However, the Annual Day was arranged in our school’s assembly hall. My parents and I reached before time and took our scats.

The hall was decorated and it looked beautiful. A big table was placed on the stage. A decorative flower vase at the centre of the table added more beauty to the table. Mrs Roxana, who was the Principle of a nearby school, was invited as the chief guest to grace the occasion. Our Principal, Mr Vasudev, accompanied her to the stage. We all stood up and gave a big round of applause to welcome them.

The Superintendent of our school Mrs Gaikwad started her welcome speech. She briefly outlined the progress of the school and the academic achievements of the students. She mentioned that each year some or the other student came first in any of the subjects from the entire State. Later, the chief guest Mrs Roxana in her speech praised the students for their outstanding achievements. She even pointed out that the efforts of the teachers cannot be left upraised.

One of our senior teachers Mr Sukhdev read out the names of the winners who had to receive the prizes for their different accomplishments. After a few names, my name was announced. First, I got a prize for being the most disciplined boy in the school. I was awarded a set of classical Hindi story books and a set of English essay books. My name was called four times, as I had stood first in four of my favourite subjects – English, Science, History and Hindi. I felt proud and enthusiastic while receiving each prize. Nearly 120 students were presented with different prizes. My parents were very happy to see me receiving so many prizes.

This day turned out to be a memorable Annual Day of my school life. Many of my friends and teachers congratulated me. Soon after I received the prizes, I realized how my father daily sat with me and coached me. It was his efforts at home that cleared many of my doubts and helped me to understand different things in different subjects. I realised that hard work always pays


Essay No. 02

The Prize Distribution Function in Our School

The prize distribution function of our school was held in the month of September 2007. It was held in the school playground. A beautiful pandal was set up in the school playground. There was a nice seating arrangement. A large number of flower pots were arranged in every corner of the school.

The school was cleaned and decorated. Many preparations were made. The guardians of the students were invited. The prizes were placed on the table.

The Education Minister of our Pradesh was invited as a Chief Guest of the function. The Chief Guest arrived at 5 P.M.

He was warmly welcomed by the Principal and other staff members at the gate. The school band played a welcome tune. The N.C.C. cadets gave him the guard of honour. The Chief Guest had a round of the school.

Soon the programme started. The principal welcomed the Chief Guest. He thanked him for coming to the function. He requests him to say a few words. The Chief Guest gave a short speech.

After this, the prize was given away by the Chief Guest. Many students got prizes. I was also one of the prize winners. All of us were very happy.

There are many interesting items. Many photographs were taken. The principal thanked the chief guest. The programme began with our national song.

The next day was announced a holiday. The function came to an end. We enjoyed the function very much.

Essay No. 03

The Prize Distribution Function of Our School

The Prize Distribution Function is a memorable event in a school. It is the day when students are awarded for their performance in various fields. The school building is decorated like a newly-wedded bride. The school campus is cleaned. The appearance of the school wears a new look. The Prize Distribution of our school was held on 20th December.

The preparations for the function were made a week earlier. The lists of prize winners were put upon the notice board. Prizes were purchased just two days before the function. Invitation cards were sent to the important citizens of the town. The Education Minister had agreed to preside over the function.

A day before the function a huge shamiana was put up in the school ground. Chairs were arranged in order. The prize-winners were allotted separate seats. The prizes were displayed on big tables. The main gate of the school was decorated with flowers and balloons. The guests began to pour in well in time.

The chief guest arrived at 2 p.m. He was received outside the pandal by the Principal and teachers. He was garlanded and presented with bouquets. As soon as the chief guest entered the pandal, the guests stood upon their seats. The function started with a devotional song. The Principal read out the Annual Report of the school. The chief guest gave away prizes. Afterwards, he addressed the students. He announced a grant of Rs. 20000/- for our school. The function ended with the national them. The next day was declared a holiday.


Essay No. 04

The Prize Distribution at My School

A Prize Distribution Function is one of the most important events for a school because it selects its brilliant students in studies and games and gives them awards as a token of recognition. Prizes draw great honour not only to the students but to the teachers as well for they have tended these shining pupils. We all wait throughout the year for this event.

This year the Prize Distribution Function was held on 25th November on the school ground. The crowd consisted of students, parents, staff and the invitees. The Education Minister was invited as the chief guest. The preparation for the event had started a month before the actual date. The whole building of the school was white-washed and the ground, where the function was to be held was thoroughly cleaned and decorated with plants and rose petals.

On the day of the function, the carpets were rolled on the ground for accommodating a large number of children and chairs were placed in rows for the staff members, parents and the invitees. A nicely decorated chair and table with a flower basket were placed on the stage for the Chief Guest and the Principal and the Vice Principal. The whole school building was faultlessly clean.

The Education Minister arrived at 11:30 a.m. and was given a warm welcome by the Principal, Members of the Senior Staff and the School Band played in his honour. He was then garlanded by the Head Boy.

As soon as the Chief Guest took his seat, a group of students sang welcome chores for him. Then it was the turn of the Principal to read out the School Annual Achievement Report

The Chief Guest then gave away the prizes to the winners. I was also one of the winners as I had won the Best Student of the Year Award. Lots of performances were also given by the students.

In the end, the Chief Guest delivered an impressive speech and the function ended by singing the National Anthem.

The function was a grand success.


Essay No. 05

Prize Distribution Function in My School

Prize distribution is one of the most important functions of a school. It is a memorable event in the history of the institution. It is held generally a few days before the examinations and marks the end of the academic year.

The Prize distribution in our school was held in the first week of July. It was held in the school hall. The Director of Education was invited to preside over the function. The rooms were white-washed and cleaned. The school compound was decorated with flower pots and banners. Maps, pictures and paintings were hung on the walls Chairs were arranged for the visitors. The stage was beautifully decorated. Prizes were arranged neatly on a separate table. The prizewinners sat near the stage.

The chief guest arrived exactly at four. He was warmly received by the Headmaster and other members of the staff at the gate. The school band played the national song. The scouts gave him a guard of honour. He was accompanied to the hall by the Headmaster and some members of the committee.

The function started with a song. It was followed by a short drama. The Headmaster read the annual report about the progress, examination results and extra-curricular activities of the school. The chief guest gave away the prizes. I also won a prize for standing first in my class. After that, the chief guest delivered a short speech. He praised the school for its all-around progress and brought home to the students their duties and responsibilities.

The Headmaster thanked the chief guest and the function came to an end amidst cheers.

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