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My Country

India is my country. She is dear to me than everything else in the world. She is a great country. It has a great past. All of us are proud of her culture and civilization. She has produced great sons and daughters who served her beyond limits. It is one of the oldest countries of the world. Its age-old traditions and culture are worth the name. The history of this country dates back to thousands of years. The glories of this country were so renowned even during the pre-historic times that it was called the “Golden Sparrow” and traders throughout the world wished to travel here and see its glories and take some of its expensive jewels and diamonds. The glorious ancient period of this country was so peaceful that she produced masterpieces of literature and men of letters. It was the age of Vedas, Mahabhartha and Ramayana. The great men and women of that age continue to be the torch-bearers of our culture till this day. The great Shree Rama and Shree Krishna were the products of that age.

The modern times saw many upheavals in this country. The foreign invaders looted the rich heritage of this country for hundreds of years. The strifes both internal and external hollowed this country. The country suffered foreign rule for centuries together which changed its face to a large extent. Such was the strength of the cultural heritage of this country that inspite of suffering the foreign yoke for centuries together, the soul of this country remained unchanged. It tried to adapt with every new influence received with every new rules many foreign cultures, languages, religions and thoughts influenced the fabric of this country but the base remained unchanged because of its strong foundations. Britishers were the last to slave this country for more than a century. They left no stone unturned to leave their influences permanently. It was the last blow which left the masses of this country poor, terror-stricken, fearful, needy and diseased.

Then after a continued struggle of our freedom fighters for long decades our country saw the face of Independence on 15th August, 1947 from the foreign rule and she became the largest democracy of the world but completely bruised. The Britishers played the dirtiest game of the modern times by encouraging her partition and Pakistan came into being. The process took it’s toll as thousands of innocent citizens were killed in the frenzy of Hindu-Muslim strifes.

Now my country is taking strides towards her development though not so speedily but still satisfactorily. We are proud of our mixed culture and secular democratic set-up. It has raised our prestige in the international community as we have been successfully continuing our development processes and democratic institutions despite many hazards.

I wish my country progress by leaps and bounds and keep its integrity and honour quite intact for all times to come.

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