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Mother Teresa

Essay No. 01

Mother Teresa, an Angel of Mercy was born to Albanian parents on 27th August, 1910 in Skoplji Yugoslavia. Then her name was Agnes. Mother Teresa was a symbol and personification of great human qualities like kindness, charity, love and service of the weak and the suffering. Throughout her life she had been very busy making people happy, bringing cheers to the sick, diseased, orphans and the helpless. She came to India when she was 18. Today the great mother is not among us. She has gone to her heavenly abode. But her sacred halo and permanent influence are to remain with us for all times to come. Her kindness and compassion are the cherished gems which the grateful humanity will not ever forget.

The Holy virgin Mother Teresa was a noble soul of the recent times. She came to India at a very young and tender age. Quite early in life she vowed to serve the humanity till the last breath of life. And it is a matter of great joy that the Mother fulfilled her vow literally. Till the last moment of her life she was fully devoted to selfless service.

Her work was a work of great charity and nobility. Selflessness was the guiding spirit behind it. She soon earned world-wide approval and admiration. In this world where agonies and sufferings reign supreme, the balmy tongue of the mother was soothing and encouraging experience. She was a constant flame of goodness. She was a great ray of hope for all those who had none else to look after them. She was a Messiah for the needy and the naked children. Her great work was in itself a great reward. As a recognition, the Mother was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. She was the first Indian woman to be honoured with this award.

She has set up many homes for the poor helpless children and unfortunate lepers. She was a living example of dedication to a noble cause. We all are very proud of her. And so are others in other countries.

She had travelled many countries. To whichever country she went, she was showered upon love, respect and honour. For the world peace, happiness and harmony her contribution has been matchless. Service was her only mission and motto. She died in Kolkata on September 5, 1997.


Essay No. 02


Mother Teresa

The name of Mother Teresa brings to one’s mind a small, thin woman, clad in a white sari, offering love and compassion to one and all, especially the very poor. A winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and Order of Merit presented by Queen Elizabeth, Mother Teresa humbly carries on her selfless work with devotion.

She is part of an order (or organisation) ‘of nuns known as Missionaries of Charity, and is often heard saying that she is but a tool in the hands of the Lord; it is His work that she is carrying out.

Beginning her work with nothing but a strong desire to serve the poor and the needy she created an enormously successful religious order, setting up institutions for the helpless, the handicapped, the orphans, and above all, leprosy- inflicted victims. We are all aware of how most of us avoid people with leprosy, but this remarkable lady fought against such rude behaviour and prejudices to help these people.

She provided shelter to the homeless and dying, food to the hungry, medical aid to the sick and a place to live for those who were out on the streets. To all she gave, and continues to give, an abundance of love and understanding. This is, perhaps, one of the rarest things to find in the world today.

Mother Teresa remains one of the most respected people in the world. She is lovingly called, a ‘Saint’, for truly, only a saint could do what she has done.

Essay No. 03

Mother Teresa

Today the Saint of the twentieth century, Mother Teresa is not among us. She has left for her heavenly abode. But her sacred memory, kindness and compassion are the cherished gems which the humanity will always treasure.

Mother Teresa came to India on December 1, 1928 to begin a life of nun at a very young and tender age. Early in her life Mother had vowed to serve the humanity.

The 10th of September, is called the “Inspiration Day” in the Catholic Church because on this very day in 1937, Mother had retreated to Darjeeling to clear her tormented soul and to look for directions. Mother Teresa called it, “The most important journey of my life” because it was during a retreat to Darjeeling that she heard God’s voice, instructing her to leave the convent to help the poorest of the poor and to live with them.

Mother founded the “Society of the Missionaries of Charity” in Kolkata for helping hopeless, helpless, poor, unwanted and dying people. She also helped those who were handicapped, crippled, blind, suffering from leprosy and all those who were shunned by the society.

Mother Teresa was the first Indian woman to be honoured with the Nobel Prize for Peace in the year 1979.

Mother Teresa, died of heart attack on September 5, 1997 in Kolkata.

Today people, for whom she was the greatest comfort, feel orphaned. Nirmala, the successor of Mother now carries forward the task of the illustrious Mother.

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