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Elections in India

Election is a system of choosing leaders by voting for them. The governments of all democratic nations are based on this system. In India, elections to parliament are held once in five years. Any one above the age of eighteen and with a sane mind can vote. The voting is carried out by secret ballot.

By and large, the public is extremely politically aware and many people exercise their right to vote. However, there are many who do not, and the main reason for this is the growing frustration at the inefficiency of the government.

Unfortunately, we find that there is too much corruption in our election process today. Campaigning is based on casteism, communalism and economic disparity.

Politicians do not seem to have the good of the country at heart— their sole aim is to get into power. Moreover, since there is no minimum educational qualification necessary to get- a ticket, many uneducated people use all kinds of means to get into power.

The election system should not be misused either by campaigners or by voters and we, as upright citizens of India, should ensure this, if we wish democracy to survive.

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