Essay on “Corruption” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.


Corruption, these days, is a very common and frequently used word. It has almost dominated each and every aspect of society so much so that it is no longer considered anything bad or hideous. It has been largely accepted by the society as a mean to achieve what cannot be achieved by means called fair. In olden days corruption was limited to the Government offices where you had to pay something to get your case, settled speedily or in your favour. Now it is the order of day. Even the top-most officials and politicians do openly accept bribes and openly invest the money in properties which are obviously disproportionate to their legal means of income. Their standards of life rise to the sky in the matter of days and the general people look at them aghast.

The development has had a deep impact on each and every aspect of life. Everyone wants to rise to the top by all the foul means. Every profession seems to be infested with all criminal activates to earn beyond legal limits. Duplicacy and fake business is seen everywhere. Everyday we hear about big and small factories making duplicate articles and the same being sold openly with the connivance of the authorities. The police connives with the criminals and there is a well organised parallel government of the underworld ruling the roost. They take share in every big illegal bargain or understanding; they force the successful business personalities and the corrupt officials pay them handsomely.

The situation seems to end nowhere. The moral values seem to be trampled under the feet. The fair and the genuine seems to be quite rare. The common man looks towards heavens for help as there seems no other way. Corruption has gone very deep into the vitals of not only this society but all other countries also.

We should not leave hope as there are still people present, though a few, who with their high moral standards can work wonders and rid this society of this menace forever.

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