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Business Process Outsourcing – BPO

We in India, ten years ago would not have imagined working for other nations or foreign companies sitting here. Today this is very common and a job in which India is leading -the huge human resource, we have definitely proving useful.

BPO or business process outsourcing started with Ross Perot when he founded electronic data systems in 1962. Outsourcing means, to allot jobs or give tasks to be done, to an external unit. In simple terms, some of the process of business of a company are got done by external sources and not done by their own executives. In USA some of the well-known companies like, Microsoft, IBM. and Hewlett Packard choose sub-contractors in others countries where business can be done by cheapest sources. Places like China and India arc the best destination for BPO services since they can get work done, for lesser cost thus making the business of the companies cost effective. So business process is outsourced to overseas units or services or party which specializes in it. In the corporate world, an organization or company outsources a particular job like, accounting payroll, leave records medical claims or insurance and so on to another firm or service (BPO) which specializes in it and can complete the job more efficiently. This whole process or method allows the companies or organizations to concentrate on their main business.

The main idea or intention behind BPO is cost effectiveness, in turn saving precious time. Little details of day-to-day business process are managed by experts in BPO s leaving more time for the companies to plan expand take up new projects generate new revenue and pay more attention to the customer. When experienced people and experts in BPO handle the work of companies automatically the quality or standard of the company improves. They can grow internationally. The companies benefit by efficient services of BPO s and become more competitive.

India, today, is leading in the BPO services because of the availability of skilled English speaking labor here. Another main reason for India’s favorable situation is the improvement of the telecommunication sector in the last few years. Outsourced work is handled through telephone line and data is provided through computer networks. Also. considerable improvement in infrastructure has helped. It’s proved that quality work can be delivered 24 hours a week.

The main requirement of a BPO worker is good communication skill. But, there are different BR) requiring different skills and qualifications. Some are trained to function in a particular type of BPO, like health care BR), human resource BPO, media and entertainment BR) and soon. It’s a job sought after by graduates and undergraduates today because of the good salaries paid. Undergraduates do it for money and on temporary basis. But graduates, vi ho are serious, acquire specific knowledge and climb the higher levels. There are managerial levels also. They gain experience and get the right exposure in business- so it’s a stepping stone to bigger jobs or posts eventually.

Experts feel, the BPO scene in India is growing and is leading outsourcing unit in terms of overall package. The arrivals of BR) has provided more job opportunities to those who are not professionally qualified but do have other skills. Youngsters from lower, middle-class families also end up earning well. BPO is educating them to spend their money responsibly.

Working in a BPO can be exciting and profitable but one must be prepared to work for long hours and in night shifts. This means our biological body clock gets disturbed. One must be mentally prepared to adjust and face the changes. This is one flip side of the whole business since more and more youngsters are ending up with health problems.

According to experts, BR) are here are to stay, providing efficient services to foreign companies or even business solutions to Indian companies- acting as a great support.

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