Essay on “Autobiography of a Brass Statue” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Autobiography of a Brass Statue

I am a golden coluored brass statue, moulded perfectly with sharp features, beautiful face and an ornate platform. I was one of the sought after Hindu lords, in statue form kept shining among the brass collection, in a well known shop, in a temple town. Every customer who came to the shop admired my beauty appreciated the intricate details of work on me and desired to buy me. But I was too expensive for them. Then, one day a gentleman who came to visit the temple held me, felt me, looked carefully and tried to bargain the cost. But, since my owner, shopkeeper never agreed to reduce the cost he went away sad.

I kept standing in the shop’s shelf for two- three years expecting someone who can afford me but at the same time I wanted to go with that man who had longed to buy me but couldn’t. Then one day, again the same man came, this time with his father who was familiar to the shopkeeper and requested to show me to him. While the father and shopkeeper were talking the man held me. weighed me and looked at me with satisfaction. After some consideration, I was packed and picked happily by the man who thanked his luck and the fact that nobody else had picked me.

I traveled to his home, far away was kept on a silver coloured stool, polished and shone regularly and still the center piece of his showcase. I was admired by every guest who visited his home. His family too is proud of me, their possession. My master always takes care to clean me and shine me. I am the idol during special pujas and festivals. Sometimes, I am offered flame, flowers and sandal paste. My master’s son has given me a light in my enclosure, of the showcase so that my face is lit and I am very happy.

My destiny was to be here with this family and I am glad. Though, the old father is no more. I am with his son’s family because of him. Whatever new piece comes. I am still favorite of my master.

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